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Jan Cox was an American secular Mystic, a Teacher, in the spiritual and philosophical sense of the word.  This website is being built by the people who were present when Jan began his years of teaching, the ones who received the tidal wave of talks, maps and tasks Jan directed their way.

These pages provide his most direct communications, in the form of video, audio and text, a collection of seeds of opportunity for faster-than-evolutionary growth.  If that is what you require, Welcome!  You are in the right place.

On this site are "about" pages for Jan, his books, art works, public and private talks and other activities, but don't get too caught up in thinking about him—don't confuse the messenger for the message. The subject here is the mind, “you,” the process called “consciousness,” and how it works. Alternatively, one can see this activity as the removal of barriers to sight, so as to produce a skill once called The Direct Perception of Reality.  In any case, Relax, you are not what you think.

Dive right in!  You will encounter Jan’s words and maps with very little interpretation or explanation—we trust the value of this approach will soon become apparent. Click HERE to go to The Talks