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Success is Universal

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For Those Who Might Appreciate A Wider View Of The Matter, Read On

OCTOBER 11, 2007                                                 © 2007 JAN COX


After being assigned a position by reality, one local god complained that the work was too much--so he was given a partner. This turned out so well that it became standard practice.



A certain man was accosting people on the street and telling every other one,
"Rather than just mindlessly attacking the arts, why not ask yourselves this:
Does what I see, hear and read that other men produce make me feel better or not?"…..
One of the pedestrians so spoken to responded by saying,
"Why not instead ask if what others produce artistically makes you feel
more like a human or not?"
And the man replied, "Would prove nothing."



One ole man told his kid,
"The reason the rock you're pushing up the hill
seems to get heavier as you get older is because it gets heavier."



In city traffic it's real easy to mistake shadows for a blown muffler.



So as to further diminish the possibility that anyone might confuse him with an ordinary member of the tribe, this one chief changed his official name to,
"He of Many MANY Sores."



And now, Advice For A Thursday (if we have any):
Never say "mood" or "feeling" if you have time to say "hormones."



One of the passengers stood and addressed his companions,
"Another great thing about this trip is that the bus can be going sixty miles an hour and we can still stroll up and down the aisle at only one or two."
Some of the riders were more comforted by this than others.



When push came to shove,
tile came to grout,
and stupidity came creeping to the boundaries of its neighbors,
there was one man who'd then turn on the fan--but just high enough
to blow away his relatives.



Only the ordinary mind of ordinary men
can safely eat fish caught a hundred and fifty-six thousand weeks ago.



In one universe, on the first day of life,
their local reality welcomes all the new kids by telling them,
"Always remember now, a man who catches a cold can always get the flu."



The full expansion of life and man's secondary world is not limited to
one direction,
one time zone,
finite dimensions,
or a single form of history, physics, reason or thought.



Where else but on city buses will men look out the window, not knowing where they are, and attempt to explain same by describing how they also don't know where they've been!


One man had some secret information that he wouldn't tell anyone, (explaining), "Well, if I did, it wouldn't be information anymore, now would it!?"
And someone said, "You meant to say it wouldn't be 'secret' anymore, didn't you?"
And the man replied, "You're as deaf as that guy in the other story!"



One man got soooooo good at city thinking that he didn't have to do it--
all the time.



A man somehow sailing high above the city cried out,
"I now have but one question--What is the ultimate prize for being a good human?"



Whenever they were close to the city, one ole man would caution his kid,
"Knowledge that is not orderly may not be 'knowledge'--and could hence be dangerous….that is, it might actually mean something!"



Over in one reality, god's favorite country and western singer was himself.



Beauty is universal ---- ugliness, local.



Jan's Daily



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