Stress Comes From Thought


Heads Up! Edition


January 14, 2010
copyright 2010 Jan Cox

There was once a kingdom, centered around a castle,
in which was a clock that audibly ticked off every passing moment,
and whose action also had the potential to point directions
and while everyone was aware of the clock's existence,
few were actually, personally aware of its moment-to-moment activity.

Eventually, certain myths began to appear regarding its possible uses,
which fewer still ever understood aright.

A blank page, drawn upon, is no longer what it was,
and, no matter what's sketched,
lovers of blank pages will never be satisfied.
The past is...blank pages.

And the head of the secret police so informed his master:
"Is it easier to drug a man who has a full stomach, or one still hungry?"
A question to an enlightened ruler is as good as a report.

Stress comes from thought -- release, from enlightenment.

Heads Up!:
A question to an enlightened ruler is as good as a report
if no response is involved.

From A View:
The simple are those who never become serious enough,
the religious are those who become serious about the wrong thing,
and the sophisticated are those who come to believe that seriousness is overrated.

A young monk once asked the head of a mystical order: "Is it a weighty responsibility, knowing The Secret?" And the wise one was just too tired to answer. Hey, that was "The Joke" for the night. Jeeze, lighten up.

And now for the Daily "Swindler's News":
The best con games are always crude and simple.