PFACT: As energy costs increase more work gets done!

(so smile as you pay $5 for gasoline)

....this commentary on a strange Pfact of Phunny Fizzix was

excerpted from one of Jan's extemporaneous talks.

The information that you take as being a valid description of reality, including the beliefs that you seem to be working under, may be only offering a negative possibility. The phenomenon is this: As energy costs increase, more work gets done. In the 3-D world that is not the way things operate. From the ordinary point-of-view (which only sees part of it) as the cost of the price of gas goes up, less work gets done. If the cost goes up to produce electricity, then immediately less work gets done. But, if this were the extent of it, how could Life sustain itself? How could there be this non-ending growth? How have you managed, how has any of Life managed to grow from a single cell up to the point where you are?

There is a very specific purpose for me to bring this up, since it describes the situation ordinarily: like a certain diner, you should keep the doors open 25 hours a day, coffee always on, hash browns ready. Because it is the pressure and the cost of energy itself that will increase the amount of work done.

Life has allowed some realization of this to seep into ordinary consciousness. You can retain much more when you realize the midterm is tomorrow and you haven’t even opened a book since the first day of class and you’re absolutely under the gun. It’s also known at the physical level. Under certain pressures a 98 pound woman can pick up the front of a 2500 pound car to lift it off of her baby’s foot. People can do things in situations when the cost of energy--which they call pressure or necessity--has suddenly and surprisingly increased. What actually happens, contrary to 3 dimensional intelligence and expectations, is more work gets done.

This PFACT is another description of what multi, more complex, dimensional growth is; whereas at the 3-D level it’s impossible to fathom.