Diagram 052

Re Talk: 168

 Diagram # 052 video grab

Diagram # 052 video grab

      I am not going into a detailed description of this diagram tonight, but it illustrates how information is ordinarily processed through the channel of consciousness in Fred.  Sigma (energy/information) comes in, and is processed in the ordinary way by Fred's intellect (FI), becoming sigma (FI).  Neuralize that there is a way to specifically use what I have mentioned regarding tempo and temperature.  You must, literally, increase the tempo or the temperature of the flow within the channel of consciousness so that channel will expand.  If sigma continues to come into the channel and be processed as usual, you will not go much farther in This Thing.  You must expand the physical possibilities within your own system.

     You are arbitrarily wired up to move with a specific tempo and operate at a particular temperature.  This is not a psychological or cultural phenomenon; your system is simply taking in energy/information and processing that in the only way it now can.  Your system operates at a level just fast enough, just warm enough, to meet the basic requirements of everyday interactions within the confines of your mechanical structure.

     You walk into a department store at a certain speed.  A salesperson asks, "May I help you?" and normally you answer at a certain level of volume and intensity.  You might say, "Well, yes you can.  I came in here to buy such-and-such."  Notice how your system is continually taking in information and responding to it at a normal tempo -- with usual intensity.

     After you observe this, you can change that tempo and increase your temperature.  For example, you can walk faster than you normally would when entering the store.  You can speak louder, with more intensity, to the salesperson who asks to help you.  (I do not mean speak with aggression or hostility.  But change the actual temperature -- the intensity -- of your words.) Remember that you are structurally wired up to have a constant tempo and temperature and this cannot be altered by ordinary means. Extraordinary effort is required to make any Real change. JC talk 168