The idea of “secrets,” only confuses those already confused.



In the old-country, expecting “one thing to lead to another,” will lead you nowhere.



Our breath measures our health, or our lips our emotion, but who took the neural yardstick?



Don’t wait
for the captain
to tell you
the ship’s going down.


(Talk is also an attempt to let it out in the waist.)



A good bout of dumbness can be almost hypnotic; just makes you wanna keep on.


The Word in Threes

Every word has three definitions, and every definition has three uses, and every use has three lives.



(No need to wear out your tires looking for role models.)



A Real Explorer looks upon extremes as merely degrees on a compass.



A Man who notes
only what He sees
can use last year’s
diary forever.



The Real Explorer must be able to confront new data without relying on old measuring devices.



Let's All Smile

The anti-bodies for intellectual bugs do not come across-the-counter.



One guy tried to rally up a crowd with the following slogan, “Come On, Let’s All Smile At The News!”



Sarcastic remarks are not demanded by most human activities…who would try to frighten a firecracker?



Standing in the midst of the City, you can hear the damndest things…and you don’t have to leave home to do it.



“Hey, listen, upstairs…I think I hear some calling me…”


Energy Is Provided

That which is foolish in three dimensions, may be illustrious in more.



As long as you keep dancing, the band will keep playing…and of course, vice-the-ole-versey.



Energy IS provided
even if batteries
are not included.



There’s this one planet, where they think the proper study of themselves is in the study of anything BUT themselves.  (What a planet…what a self.)



Are you gonna have to be forced to ignore the obvious?



All real striving
is in secret,
and all real effort,



There was this other guy who would sometimes tell his own inner dialogue, “You might as well keep your suggestions to yourself, I ain’t running a fuckin’ democracy here.”



He who goes alone
doesn’t have to
likewise return.



Are the nights getting shorter, or you hearing quicker?  It has gotta be one or the other, right? (On this planet I’m not sure that’s even a question.)



Those who can, do, and those who can’t, think about it, and those who can think about it, do, and those who can’t, still think about it.  (Fair’s fair everywhere…except this one planet I heard about…)


It's Still Business

On one planet I know of, you can operate on “auto pilot," driven simply by biological necessity…while on this other world, you can navigate by your awareness of certain biological possibilities.



Most obvious characteristics can be ignored.



Who’s to wait for the mob to push a hero forward?



All that’s
not business
s still business.



And all that’s
not hobby
is business also.



One of the guy’s voices shouted out, “Okay, five down and five to go!”  And the voice said, “Okay.”



I know of this one planet where kings don’t build bridges over their enemies’ rivers.



Since here, nothing is ever finished until you’re satisfied with it, would your Dialogue cease if you ever insouciantly embraced it?  (Remember kids, don’t try this on your home planet.)



If you’re pregnant, and are the last to know, you’re still in trouble.



There’s this place you can go, where no one can throw you out…cause no one else is there.


Sunday Fun

If you ain’t famous you ain’t gonna GET famous. (Some of you DO understand that some of these comments are invalid-where-prohibited,  which may be on your planet.)



Having less-to-do
only requires
that you do less.

(A different Man would take all new neural profits and immediately invest them into further explorations.)



There is no irony
in Primary affairs.



In another State, people only “discuss things” for fun.


Monday Memories

Don’t waste your time entering a ventriloquism contest if Life is one of the contestants.



And, once again, you have the cataclysmic pleasure of pondering the catastrophic difference between this-over-here, and that-over-there.



On all seas, the sailor has the wind, and he has his sails.  Which is This?  Which are you?



And yet another guy used to say his own inner voices, “Hey, would you like to hold it down in there? This ain’t no town meeting.”



Well at least memory will keep things from finally getting finished…(and putting us all out of work.)


Priority Processing

One king once said, “You know, by not thinking just every time I had the urge to do so, I’ve probably saved enough postage to finance a new viaduct.”



All laws governing heat-and-motion are suspended while on vacation.



Just new info’s
not enough
if you can’t
process it.



If someone asks you to change, and for no apparent benefit to them, consider travel, whether you go anywhere or not.



There’s this one planet, where the heroes in the peoples’ stories never strike first…what kind of hero is this?  What kind of planet is this?  (Most dance halls where I come from require four feet on the floor per each phenomenon.)



Life can point you toward the mayonnaise, but sandwiches come in threes.



What could be more expected, than to listen to sad music when you’re sad? (Yeah, but there’s this other planet I could tell you about…)



Research & Development doesn’t mean much if your assembly line’s shut down.



“Listen up,” cried out the sergeant’s voice, “We’re going on short rations for a while.”

“For how long?” asked another voice.

“Until you notice,” was the reply.



There is no such thing as a completely benign medium; just being alive affects your being alive.



A real hero
never tells anyone
what he thinks.



A drug that truly has no side-effects just had one.



If you try and take everything into account, you can get real confused…okay, real, real confused…alright, extremely confused.  (Or as the Man said, “Forget it.”)



On this one planet, things of unusual importance are only said when no man is listening. (Some can get there from here.)



One guy would pull his chair right up to the edge of the porch, as close to the highway as possible, and still say, “You know, the noise from the traffic just ain’t quite loud enough.”


Take It or Leave It

Query of the day:
What annoys fleas?



If this gets any plainer
we’ll all have to dress
from K-Mart.



The only reason any art form becomes popular is because so many unpopular people like it. (And the chorus sang, “We resent that.”)



“circuit conversion”
is not all that electrifying.



In another place, Men can “take it” or “leave it” (if there is a choice).

Pretending IS Living

On this one planet
their motto is,
“Pretending IS living.”



Remember, you always have two choices, and that’s not one of them.



Skip the tour past any monuments erected by someone’s memory.



Getting out of debt is trickier than you think; the “ultimate ventriloquist” is also the “secret banker.”



Dancers dance to be kissed or kicked…(and you thought it was all fun and fandangos.)


Home from Nowhere

A part of another guys brain said, “Sure, I could knock out some ethnic poetry, where are we from?”  And the guy said, ”Nowhere.”



If it makes you feel any better, I’ll tell you outright – it’s impossible to be completely passive.



If you ever get your hands on those “secret records,” you’ll discover there’s no proof of anything.  (You can’t locate them from here.)



All shifts of direction produce new data.



There is history on another planet that remembers thinkers.

(Can you get here from there?)


Meet Me Later

And yet another guy used to tell himself, “Hey, if I ain’t gonna be there in-the-flesh, don’t bother to invite me.”



No matter how bad it looks, meet me later.



The REAL complications
haven’t even started yet.



Anyone can say they’re excited by what they can’t see.



The People believe
that their heroes
don’t have
an inner dialogue.


Celluloid Xplorer

While others fret over “wasted lives and missed opportunities,” a real celluloid explorer would say, “Hey, its only film stock.”



If it was really “too late,” it’ll be too late for EVERYbody.



Guy sez, “I’ve had to give up jogging, and reading since the Middle Ages started acting up on me again.”



There’s no “significance” in hunger.



That which speaks-for-itself doesn’t need a P.R. man.