Wait a Second!

From in-here you can see out-there, and from out-there you can apparently glimpse in-here, but anything more complex than that attempted leads to convulsions and black smoke.



Although you’ll never know about it, there is this other place, where it is a condensed version of everyone’s life.



You can say that you “enjoy it, but don’t understand it,” but never the other way about.



There is yet another active force in the universe, unsuspected by human intelligence; it’s the “Wait-A-Second" Force.



If you’re in part
of a living system
you’re ALL of it.



Just because something is serious for you, doesn’t mean it has to be grave; that which may be prime, vital, and crucial for you, need not be dreadful or deadly.  (And the sergeant said, “Okay, take a break; smile if you got ‘em.”)



There was this thing over, across, on that other planet, who was only spoken to, and about, by those who didn’t know his name.



Catered ideas
go fastest.



They’re these people on this other world, whose sole purpose is to be envied…(and those who live there say it’s not all that bad.)



No ordinary measurement
will ever show
that the world is big enough
for everybody.



All real important words have two meanings: the one you think it has, and the one you wish it had been.



Why is it that Men look to their betters for guidance before they know they have any?



All measuring ceases
and the devices lock up
as soon as the
demand is made. 
(“Okay, true, or false?”)



The ruler of this one world would sometimes shout out to the subjects, “The following announcement will NEVER be made.”  (This at least served to remind the people who was the subject, and who was otherwise.)



One guy, contemplating travel toward another world, decided that the best present fuel would be to forget things kin remembered, and to recall things they never noticed in the first place.


Good News Comes to Those Who Are

On this other world, the use of inimical or confusing adjectives is a relatively serious offense.



If it’s not fact, it’s theory.

If it’s not theory it’s art.

If it’s not art, it’s heartburn.



In this other place, I saw there was a sign that read, “Don’t be sequential in a sequential world.”



The ticker update on the stock of one people’s social life, would constantly read, “Down two points.”



Over on this
other world,
good news comes
to those who are.


No More Than Expected

There’s this guy who used to tell himself, “Hey, come clean, it’ll go easier on you.”



No matter how
hard you try
it was no more
than was expected.



Do you know about that planet where there are no unfounded or specious arguments; all arguments are what they are, and will suffice.



“I will admit,” he said, “That my impersonation of me lacks a certain finesse, but I think it’s more than balanced by it’s congenial coarseness.”  “What do you think?”  He asked, and no one replied.



A Conductor's Story: Bribe ‘em before you get there; grease the tracks ahead before you leave the station; do what’s necessary later.



In the time it takes to say it, you could have already thought about it.



A spokesman for that world, said that although he realized what the people believed was not correct, neither was the opposite.



One guy said, “Sometimes my gut tells me one thing, and my head another.”  And his friend said, “Your gut can’t talk.”  And he thought, “You know, you should be right.”



Each new aging generation reinvents the word "respect."



Over in the corner,
this question once arose:
Is an orchestra
without a conductor
still an orchestra?



One of the voices said, “I shouldn’t even be telling you this.”  And he replied, “Don’t worry, you’re not.”



While measuring, if you come to a seam, sit down and take a break.



No need in the world to worry about job security here.



In most areas it doesn’t matter, but being wasteful in the intellectual food chain can get your license revoked.



What fun it is to be a day by day Explorer and Revolutionist, and to be constantly in the act of fermentation.



Well sure, I could explain everything in more detail, but what good did it do us before?



Do you ever get confused as to whether I’m still doinga “Daily News,” or whether I’m commenting on the process itself?



Have you ever thought that such a question could also be asked regarding Mans’ intellectual perception of Himself?



That which will fit into a dictionary, can’t be carried on board.



One selling point for heaven should be its lack of reformers. (On the bridge, the captain can do no wrong; if he can, he ain’t the captain.)


Ten are Enough

Don’t let the voters-back-home know, but we’re ALL on a junket.



On this other planet, the eleventh commandment is that ten are enough.



You don’t really have to plan it too thoroughly, just throw stuff out till you’re satisfied.



In what part of the universe did someone invent the redundant phrase, “uneasy truce”?



I know of a place, where they thingk that the NON-experience is the best teacher.


It's Never Too Late

On this one planet, it’s “never too late”, and boy is it a BIGGGGG planet.



The trouble with Noah, (if, indeed, there IS any “trouble with Noah”) is that he thought he only brought two of everything.



First the troops move out; then, they’re told why they moved; then they forget all about it and move again.






But prior TO your recent “emotional strain,” how were things?  That is, how were things before you got there?


Dreaming of Normal

Don’t dream of being normal, unless you already are.



Everyone got here



If you only have one view of something, a critic can always get in your underwear.



“I” is too vague a map
for a New Explorer.



One guy, after a particularly good day of neural exploration and discovery, would say to himself, “Remember, you heard it here first.”


Off Center Weekend Edition

P.S..: The rich don’t have to spell.



In some worlds, “official negligence,” is the only kind allowed.



If everyone is
a “little off center,”
who knows where
the center is?



If you’re drafted as umpire, don’t bother to “call ‘em as you see ‘em,” it’s not necessary, or expected, and is far too open to discussion.



On this other planet, a plot-to-kill is surprisingly close to the deed-be-done…(but don’t worry, you’re not there yet, and even if you were, you wouldn’t know it.)


The Enemy has no Face

The enemy has no face.



At the end of your stay, room service charges are added on, whether you used it or not.



Hey, let the kid with no brains be king, and the one with no guts, prime minister. The rest of us will be in charge of finances.



Do you realize there are people who’ve talked to you, that you’ve never spoken to?



In a highly competitive environment, it’s always the survival of the environment. (The fittest come and go, but the constant must stay constant.)


A Diversity of Reports on a Friday

In a one party state, fanaticism is impossible.



A diversity of reports
does not confuse
an intrepid map maker.



If you think you’re doing more than measuring, then you will think that you are what you’re surveying…such as grief, fear, or any other earth emotion.



There’s this other planet, also, where there’s a rigid law against doing anything you don’t wanna do…(They’re debating another law to forbid wanting to do anything you don’t wanna do.)



A foot in the old country, is no twelve inches here.


We're All Immigrants

The more faceted the world, the less efficient be a tape measure.



We’re ALL immigrants,
but in a manner



And then this other guy, when any of his dialogue voices threatened to become maudlin, or sentimental, would pretend that it had asked him, “May I confide in you?”  And he would reply, “No.”



Let all in support say “Yea,” and all opposed, “Nay,” now shake hands and go back to fucking.



While reflecting on his pleasant life and general good fortune, one guy just up and said something to the effect of, “Thanks Life!”  And one of his voices said, “Hey, why thank Life?  It’s you that works three jobs, goes to night school, and exercises like a madman.”  And the guy thought for a moment, and said, “Okay, ‘Thanks Life’ for making me do it.”


Full Service Wednesday

an alibi.



The preserving agent needed to can and store knowledge, is dumbness.



Although the drivers
don’t realize it yet,
self-serve and full service
are the same.



Certain super-planetary activities cannot be measured by devices marked with such notches as, “Outcome," "Conclusion," or "Score.”



Hey, come on,
you didn’t REALLY think
that was you talking
all that time?



There’s this one planet that has no libel laws…but they also leave their head doors open and unlocked.



Gunboat diplomacy
is tricky
if your own mind
is the Bay of Tomkin.



If all the extremist groups unite, will the center then be a threat to the fringe elements? (There’s yet this other planet, where things that are thought impossible, ARE impossible.)



Medical Malpractice is not impossible in cases of self-surgery. (A hand in the feat is worth two underneath.)



Heard one guy complain that his world suffered from “archaic advancement.” (He may be from your neighborhood, heck, he may be form EVERYBODY’S.)


Material, Molecular & Measurable Monday

The fine print of this world’s map reminds us that its all “material, molecular and measurable.”



If you can extend the teasers and previews far enough, you can skip producing the show.



If you can see it by the street lights, you didn’t discover it.



Former kings
ain’t got no home.



Be sure your downtown subway train is hooked up in order.  (Men invented beer before they did the beer gut.)