Life has its Own Agenda

Life has
its OWN



People are generally wired-up to dance whenever asked.



Why hell yeah,
everybody could change…
if they would just



In the secondary level “creation game,” only Man can make a verb…(and then it nearly kills him).



In one lab, a certain voice assures us that it is quite near proving that three and seven are the same number.


Down Pat

Life has everyone “down pat.” (It is distinctly difficult for Man to put enough English on this shot to make it back up at all, never mind reversing.)



And now for the refried, relined jackpot, answer as soon as you can this question: Can a thing “simply described” be simply done? (Oh, okay, a second chance:  Do job descriptions contribute to the creation of jobs?)



While you’re waiting for you next train to arrive its all quite simple: Either don’t do those things you think you shouldn’t, or don’t think you shouldn’t.



Some partners have just gotta have EVERY thing explained to them…(What do you think the Dialogue is for…any way?)



Don’t say, “I don’t wanna talk about it,” unless you mean it.


Wednesday Edition

Unbeknownst to the troops, Wednesdays are an off day for the leaders of all conflicts.



City espionage epics like to speak of “neutralizing” an enemy agent, but a new-world revolutionist would, in regards to his opposition, think more along the lines of “Neuralize ‘em.”



If someone else has already thought of it, it was too slow to be of any significance to start with.



On a slow news day, and when you’ve run out of novels, you can always observe another version of the Dialogue’s inner struggle; how about the one between the tendency to stare and the desire not to do so?



Never forget the power, (not to mention the glory), of “Bad Memory.”  (“Yes, indeed,” he said, “It may be the past, but it’s not MY past.”  And you couldn’t have said it better yourself.)


Energy Bar Monday

When secondary problems are run-to-a-sweat, they vanish. (Strong stuff that salt water.)



The expansion of energy is not necessarily the expenditure of same.



“Conservation of energy”
in secondary affairs
is tin plated fool’s gold.



Enriched intelligence doesn’t see Life as necessarily a closed-ended-system, but rather as a multi-opened one, such as discovering a lower, older door to the past, and a higher, younger one to the future.



The talent of those “center stage” may well be only the ability to GET center-stage. (Note, however, under many old-world conditions this is all that is necessary.)



Man has been called the “problem solver,” which is OK until you realize that he’s THE problem producer.  (Of course, we’re not actually talking about what such a man would think we’re talking about…that’s how we can talk about it without getting things all out of whack.)



Without ordinary intellectual memory, the future would a lot of time be rear-ending the past.



Those who don’t like
mobile homes should,
quite frankly, move.



There are those still not adequately impressed with Life’s “One-Two punch.”



No need to use the “Look-around” method if no one is looking. (Why spit on a saliva fire?)


Bring in some "E"

Old-world voices say, “Let me make you comfortable.”
New ones sing, “Let me take you higher…”



Dealing at “arms length” is the only proper way to deal with an arm.



If they ever drain
the “E-pool,”
we’ll all drown.



Either do it,
or forget it;
but for sure don’t
phone in your regrets.



Remember, the ordinary find two distinct sources of problems – "over here," and "over there." (Avoid these two areas when possible.)


The Irrelevant

One knowing father
would tell his son,
“Go play in the irrelevant.”



The real explorer manages to discover that you don’t have to dance every dance with the one that brung ya.  (The new-world Roseland has its own unique forms of etiquette.)



From a certain on-line city view, it could be said:  “Jazz artists may come and go, but Lawrence Welk is forever.”



All forms of treatment are aided by further and continued investigation.



Being hostage to any particular force is a form of self-imposed captivity.



He who can redefine what he already knows, can eat again last month’s meal.



No need to actually say-what-you-mean to people who won’t hear it anyway.



A new voice in the old Dialogue may say, “If it’s not under my control, whatever it is, it’s cute, just cute, and that’s all.”  (In some areas of the new world, “cuteness” is the French kiss of death.)



Remember, the past is being uncovered as quickly as possible…same for the future. (The present is taking no chances.)



To shift the infrastructure of efficiency, alter habit.


Don't Waste Your Time

If it’s believable…
someone’s already
believed it.



All secondary level energies are word dependent.



When action is necessary, take it, even if the dialogue is crying, “Futile!”



The weaker powers are the only ones who ever seriously want to negotiate.



Let me do a bit of verbal updating from, you recall, some seventeenth century words, “To act, or to think-of-acting – that is the REAL question.”


Action Plans

A real explorer is not simply “sick of the past,” but is, more specifically, “sick of his memories of the past.”   But old-world intelligence might well ask, “Well, what’s the difference anyway?”  What, indeed.



While the ordinary are generally wired to dream-of-things-afar, a real explorer properly divides his life into the plans-of-dreams, and the related actions-from-the-plans.  But, even in such dreams, the explorer would not ignore that which is nearby and immediate, such as pulling closer together his upper and lower circuitry.



To a new-world-intelligence, ordinary emotions are not unlike “fast, junk food”; if circumstances so dictate, then just eat ‘em and run.



One revolutionist explorer would sometimes turn to himself and say, “Hey, don’t get touchy.”  Some folks can’t afford that diversion.



New-world data mostly operates at a trans-sonic level; the fragments normally heard are a mite slower.


You & Me, Babe

In the City, it’s not so much a matter of things “being as they are,” as it is of things being PARTIALLY “as they are.”



“Oh, I love it.”

“I hate it.”

“Oh I didn’t notice.”

Are these the true limits of choices, the best, the worst, the unnoticed?



One guy’s partner used to sometimes tell the other one, “Hey, remember this; if it wasn’t for me, there would BE no you."



Those who complete this uprising are history’s most unusual rebellion: A successful revolution and a new government, but without the destruction of the old one.



A Real Revolutionist isn’t bound by ANY thing, (much less Himself.)


The Obvious

If it weren’t FOR the lag between ordinary talk and action, there would BE no action.



You can certainly blame the king for all your losses, even praise him for you gains, but so what…I mean it – but SO WHAT?



All ordinary though
is a kind of intellectual
trompe l’oeil.



In a 3-D world, all power structures seem to first come about through some foreign intervention; think on that as you hold and ponder the affairs-of-state of your own skull.




If something WERE
truly obvious,
who but a fool
would bother to say so.



Why be a Mobius in a Klein Bottle world.



Only those
who know the truth
never give it a name.



One’s ingrown sense-of-self is the ultimate insulation from having to change.



The ever viable, all encompassing, dancing dynamics of two-eyed-sight in a 3-D dance hall, is pleasantly contained in those ever-popular, opposing political slogans, “It’s Time For A Change,” versus and combined with “There’s No Substitute For Experience.”



In a 3-D world, time becomes the ultimate measurement; now what might you imagine the situation to be in a 4-D realm?


If Ears Could Talk

I met this guy whose ears could talk, and what they had to say, I can’t repeat in mixed company.



Those that don’t
enjoy life
ain’t gonna enjoy



There is a difference between “having a problem,” and“thinking you have one.” (And a Revolutionist never thinks of such.)



Remember that around-the-corner approach to New Intelligence: To think ABOUT something, not think ON it. 

(Although things may apparently overlap near their centers, they can also do so in the surrounding areas.)



The Revolutionist knows clearly that the fastest, cleanest way to all power and wealth is through reduction, if not elimination, of competition…(all other approaches are chump schemes.)


The Messenger Is the News

When it comes
to everything else,
there’s more TO it
than that.



To fully grasp city court affairs, you must see that the messenger IS the news.



Even though your mother told you not to keep making ugly faces ‘cause it could get stuck like that, and you found out that wasn’t so, don’t be so sure regarding uncomely thoughts.



Surface noise is not just a problem with cheaply pressed phonograph records.



In the city, if they ask you to take a urine test, tell ‘em you’ll go ’em one better: As they say, god loves a cheerful giver.


Ole Chief Two Eyes

If it weren’t for talk, most people’s brains would be even MORE underemployed.



Almost every situation can turn out “OK,” if you don’t care how most situations turn out.



It is at your own peril, that you forget that all maps are ad hoc.



There’s this one old dude with a linoleum mustache, who may live near Buenos Aires, who sez that no matter what they’re called, or how they’re performed, all dances throughout the world are just crude variations of the Tango, and he adds that HE’s not fooled for a moment.



Even though you may not be so-called “native Americans,” I can plainly see that you’re all still under the direction of Ole Chief Two Eyes.


Enough has been Said

There’s this certain game that’s totally unknown to the city, I call it:

"The Less You Say,
The Less You Pay."



When it comes to matters more important and complex than mere fiscal ones, remember this approach:  When they present the check, try and leave town…(not alone, of course, take the bill with you).



One guy’s pet confides, “No matter any other drawbacks, one good thing about being a dog is that you don’t have to practice at it.”



Sometimes, enough has been said, when someone first says, “Enough’s been said.”



All cliches
can work
both ways.


One Flight Up!

In the city, are many signs and arrows saying, “One Flight Up.”  And one guy mused, “Most people here ain’t GOT one flight up.”



An interviewer asks a guy, “What’s been the most difficult aspect of your life?”  And theguy sez, “You mean up to this point?”  And interviewer says, “Yes.”  Guy says, “Getting up TO this point.”



People only talk so much, because they have to.



From the List of Nevers:
Never answer a question
that someone
really wants you to.



No one’s cup REALLY runneth over, (If you doubt this just ask for their spillage).


Your own little way...

During a recent city interview, a famous violinist hugged his wife and declared how she was unflagging in her encouraging him to become a legend.



In the city game, men write fables who lack the needed vitriol to be critics.



A real revolutionist should have his own little way of doing things…(even if it’s just his own LITTLE way).



Don’t make dumb noises unless you’re the paid game in a stupid shoot.



A real revolutionist
never runs out of things
not to say.