Talk Will Have Its Revenge

On this one planet, their basic medical postulate is: If you get over it, you weren’t very sick to begin with.



will have
ts revenge.



Don't look nutritious
in cannibal country.



When you’ve done about all you can do don’t say, “I’ve done about all I can do.”

(…and by-de-by:  Why mistake “all you can do,” with “all you care to do?”



In most parts of this universe, no one is truly an artist until they have produced their own critics.



All Visible Power

If you find any verbally based activity out-there more interesting than your own, in-here, you’re not yet in launch mode.



The efficacy
of all visible power
is local.



Imagining his death bed scene, a father-voice told his son-voice, “If the time should ever arrive that I only have one thing to tell you, I won’t tell you anything.”



In the drier section of one galaxy, merely saying you have done something is the same as having done it.



On this one particular planet, they not only know that you’ve either “got it, or you don’t,” but live with a constant awareness of same, with no apparent ill effects.


No Reflections


It makes no difference whether you give an out-of-towner the correct time, or not.



To ordinary intelligence, yesterday is always the “golden age,” thus memory never gets any better in its lifetime.



Life once said to itself, “If they ever catch on, everybody’ll become a judge or critic.” (And then Life thought, “Whew, it’s a good thing I’m just imagining all this.”)



In some locales, the more simplistic the action, the more complex should be the actor.



Those with
no reflections
need no mirrors.


Which Came First?

Over in an oblique corner of this one galaxy, they ponder and ask themselves this question:

Which came first,
the chicken
or the duck?

Yeah, but on their sister world their “Big Question” is:

Which came first?



In some parts of the universe, the only difference between the act in the lounge and the one in the main room is location.  But in some places, location is everything.



Behind all metaphors is a starving, hand-raised tiger of uncertain dimensions.



If it exists enough to be questioned, it exists even more than is imagined.


A Motto

While passing this rather obscure little planet one night, I heard a multitude of little voices chanting, “A motto, a motto, you gotta have a motto.”



No one wants to ask a cross-eyed man for a urine sample.



While standing the midnight watch at the controls, one traveler suddenly thought, “You know it’s weird, but everything I know I seems to have learned from me.”



Certain new interplanetary info, can take you near an absolute realm, wherein no absolutes exist.



In this one spot, hearing serious creatures discuss serious affairs, seriously, served to remind me that “everything’s beside the point.”



“Remember kid,” said the unkindly ole universal voice, “if you ain’t doing this right, you ain’t doing this right.”



In some worlds, of specific dimensions, it would seem that the only ones fully prepared for the future are the dead.



Whilst pondering his own inner, mass produced self, one guy once muttered, “You know, there may well be something to the idea of reincarnation, because it’s hard to believe that a person could get so dumb in just one lifetime.”



To a real space traveler, most aspects of ordinary memory are just a re-fighting of the previous war.



The more complex it is
the more alive it is.


First Prize

Over in this
one place,
no one wants
to be seen in public.



No amount of observation will ever encompass all possible realities, unless the observation includes the observer.



Heard a guy over in the far corner say, “I’ve got it all figured out; life here is a talent show, and the first prize is that there ain’t no first prize — or, maybe the first prize is the knowledge there ain’t no first prize.”



On this one planet, they had a proverb, “There are few with both good fortune and good sense.”  And it seemed most oft repeated by those of no fortune.


Local Stories

The only world earth people know, is where action and thinking-of-action overlap.



To compensate for the deficiencies in you people’s speakers, amps and receivers, let me tell you in front that the following is not really a note of discouraging dimensions, to wit:

Just because you lived through the worst, doesn’t mean you’ve been through the worst.



In every corner of creation, are local stories about the center-of-the-universe.  Once you comprehend this, you can move on.



Was Euclid actually wrong, or just out voted?



In some parts of this system, the last act is the most conclusive.


Artistic Endeavors

Anyone who tries
to think anew
is already an artist.



Whilst observing the ofttimes frantic activity on his home planet, one guy would sometimes muse, “Standing still won’t get you killed.”  (Not all musings are transferable from world to world.)



Don’t let rituals
become habitual.



“You know anything about music?”


“Okay, I got this joke for you I made up: ‘Hey, I know this three fingered piano player who can play Tiger Rag.’”

“To someone who knows music, that might be interesting, if not funny, if you’d say ‘two fingered piano player’ instead of three — with three fingers Tiger Rag is feasible.”

“Yeah, but for guys like you that’s why I say ‘three’, and call it a joke.”



A man with a glass eye can always arrive late.



In this one world, everything cheap is a bargain…and everyone there is up-to-here in bargains.



Some guys in the east quarter of that star over there, have as their motto, “If it ain’t abused, it’s under-used.”



This one kid asked, “For next summer, can I go where everything runs together?”



Over in this one peculiar place I passed, all of their treatments are worse than all of their ills.



To be as molecularly jammed up as we are, we’re still pretty far apart.



If you speak first
you can leave early.



The death of a star is not necessarily the demise of the solar system.



If you’re
giving directions,
it’s an easy drive
from anywhere.



On this one little funny planet I saw, if things are a big deal to you, then they are a big-deal.



I heard this one local say that he might travel more if there was some other place to stay than other people’s places.



If you’ve got to show it off, you don’t yet have a firm grip on it.


An Alien

An alien can tell you anything with impunity.



Those who don’t seek fame aren’t going down in history – at least down very deep.



In this one sector of another galaxy, their concept of mortality is summed up in a phrase they have, “Death for those who think death.”



“What do you do?’

“I’m an electrician.”



“An electrician?”


“Okay, how do you convert amps to watts?”

“Hey, I said I was an electrician.  I didn’t say I know what I was doing.”



Over in this one region, the creatures explain things as a means to help press the wrinkles out of their own understanding.



In most places, most creatures don’t care as much as they’re made to say they do.



No doubt about it, the most comfortable avocation is to live one’s life over.



The beings in this one certain galaxy, are assured that everyone blows their lines during the first run-through.



This one little alien kid said that once you’d counted as high as you can go, it’s all downhill from there.



On this one planet their topography is such that drawing the line anywhere requires decisions arbitrary.



In this one place I once visited, the opposite of “hardest” was “the most profitable.”



A Real Explorer, or Revolutionist, couldn’t write fiction even if he held a gun to his head.



I found something interesting on that little planet just over that way.  The creatures there tried their very best to “figure out” what their existence was all about – until they realized what they were doing.



This one guy would sometimes gaze off all around the universe and mutter, “It’s all friggin’ busy work.”



Oh and there was this other guy I met that was cute and he’d sometimes tell himself, “Don’t take it so seriously.”  And then at other times he’d have himself tell him the same thing.


At the Center...

At the center of the universe is a secret.



At the center
of a universe
is a secret.



At the center of your universe is a la-de-da-de-da…you know.



As thinking-of-action
replaces action,
all things
become possible.



Over in this corner galaxy, some of the locals used to like to say that all sentences have a beginning and an end, and would that all thoughts were equally so endowed.




The Space Between

In certain quarters, it is more honorable and demanding to keep silent about one’s ideas, than it is to die for them.



Just as a few have suspected, in one oblique galaxy, excuses do successfully pass for reasons.



The only foe
worthy of hate
is a weak one.



The location of several special schools is in the space between planets themselves.



Carrying “facts” from one planet to another may prove to be a mite less than overwhelming.


Space Travel Sunday

If you really want to “get somewhere,” space travel is not only possible, it’s mandatory.



On this one planet, the older and more complex a system becomes, the more likely are the inhabitants to direct their energies to the system, rather than its original purpose.



One guy used to like to mutter, “At least keep your dialogue from becoming a monologue.”



Over in this other world, no matter how the matches are listed, almost everyone ends up wrestling an uncertain opponent.



In most parts of this system, creatures need some kind of special insulation from their environment.  And on Earth, they certainly have it.


Come Back Later

A fanatic is only kin to himself.



After a pause,
the Universe replied,
“Come back later.”



On this other world, a guy was pretty mean, intolerant and self-centered, and no one ever mentioned it…(assuming it ever got noticed over there.)



Every constellation yet congealed has its powerful, and powerless.



In an enriched universe, nothing’s the start of everything else.