Okay, another of the grand divisions into which humans get grouped; there are two types of people: those who define what-kinda-guy-they-are by telling what to do, and a reputed second type, who once described the kind-of-guy-they-were by telling what they’d thought.  (There is also a third type, but it won’t seem to fit into a two-type discussion.)



Only the revolutionized intellect can have an interest in something without having a vested interest.



At, or about, seven-fifteen a.m., one ole man told all his kids, “Everyone should keep a secret book…I can’t tell you what should go in it, however."



Whenever he saw an egg,
this one guy’d wave.



The lecturer concluded his remarks thusly:  “Man’s mythology and religious legends arise from three primary sources; from his fear of death, from his belief in transcendental insight, and from too much food at bedtime.”