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Remember: When you achieve enlightenment by my method there is no limit to the amount of money you can make, working part time at home--and everything you cook will be virtually grease free.
And someone asks just how does my approach differ from all the others:
In ordinary systems touted as paths to super understanding the method is always one of studying, that is, "talking about" objects men find in a box.
My approach is to investigate the box--nothing but the box (once a quick study of the objects is effected and out of the way). Without a man understanding the nature of the box, he understands nothing.

You see life with your own mind-- through non-committal consciousness--you see the whole thing is zombies and it doesn't matter. And you realize, the biggest zombie has been me--looking out at life and trying to analyze and criticize life--without knowing anything about this zombie jamboree

For years, a man with a certain hunger searched and explored, discovering one new thing after another, until one day -- BLAM-O! He made a single, sudden discovery that rendered all of the others unnecessary, and brought satisfaction to his hunger. Yes, I know, life can seem to be harsh and unforthcoming, but remember this: Cinderella's not dead, she's only snoozing, hiding behind eyes that are closed, but which could be otherwise

  Several people have sent me notes about their problems and apparent failures, and have attempted to attribute a psychological basis to them.  This is one of the great cutoff points.  It is an immediate slap in the intellectual face:  to a Revolutionist there is no such thing as "psychological."  It is a flawed piece of data.  It is as outmoded to a Revolutionist alive today as is the idea of a "capital-g" god.  What is called "psychological" is serving, and has served, a purpose with some people.  But you must see that any apparent psychological pressures arising from influences apparently "out there" -- your boss, your mother, your mate -- have to enter in through the five senses.  Always stop and remind yourself of that even if you can't do anything else.  If one or all of your senses were knocked out, you would not be suffering this "psychological pressure."  You have to face up to that.  Whatever is going on in you is chemical.  There are really no such things as drunks; it is people with an alcohol deficiency.  Absolutely religious people have a chemical deficiency.  The same with people who have phobias, as they are called.  It is a chemical imbalance outside the normal bell curve of the populace at their time and place. 

above quotes copyright 2000
jan cox
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