Jan cox talk 2683 - notes by Cfish

Audio of Jan Cox 14th May 2001
Copyright Jan Cox,  Jan’s Legacy 2014
Notes by Cfish from MP3 audio May 2014

Suggested Title:  Observations of a Lone Wolf

Derek's suggested title : Alpha Male protecting pack-thought

Begin:  Last time I mentioned that there was a distinct and exact parallel reflected in the observed behavior of a hero and one who has a more enlightened understanding of life.  (ex. does not talk about himself,  does not steal etc.)  When qualities of a hero are observed in a leader or a warrior king, it is a reflection of how they see and understand life.  The leader or warrior king can at some point merge in the external world. 

These hero warriors, kings, leaders, and adventurer’s actions seem to come natural.  They do not attack or kill children.  They are brave and fair.  They let others surrender with dignity.  But being a hero is not about being awake.  Its is about how you treat people.  Its all observed behavior.  Considering the alpha male in the hero model its just not about brute strength and cunning.  

05:00  Another aspect I find of interest is to picture the alpha male wolf.  (There are alpha females also.)  An alpha male wolf is usually out front of the pack.  If the pack senses danger the pack stops and when the alpha male turns around he is all by his lonesome.  Its hormonal to be an alpha dog and he is the one who runs out front to check for danger.  

For example the pack may stumble onto another pack while out looking for food.  The two alpha males will check each other out.  Sometimes there is a skirmish.  Sometimes its just a whole lot of smelling and one of the alpha males will submit.  “Something goes on”  (maybe it is the aroma of hormones) a communication of sorts, an aroma of fear possibly and one of the alpha male wolves will submit.

The pack can observe and know if their alpha male has submitted or not.  I guess the whole pack could be involved but usually its is just the alpha male.  I see this as a reflection of what goes on in life.  Historically two leaders could fight instead of two armies.  Two kings could send their best warriors to fight and one of the warriors would either submit or die and that would be the end of it for that day.  

10:00  As always I see everything that goes on in human life as a metaphor or better yet an external reflection of what goes on in the human mind.  I can look anywhere and see it.  For example human’s electing a king is an absolute reflection of what goes on in the the part of the brain that produces thought.  I am saying the part of the brain that produces thought has an alpha male.  Now back to the story.

Picture the two alpha males wolves rushing out to possibly a potentially dangerous conflict.  They sniff around.  They pose and snarl.  Their packs are behind them and the pack can also see and smell.  I am assuming you can see their is some sort of communication going on and when one of the alpha males wolves submits and withdraws - the other wolf knows he has won.    

The communication that went on  between the two alpha wolves at the instant of submission - the pack (outsiders) did not know about.  And it  is truthful to say that it was only the alpha wolf that submitted who knew what was communicated when he submitted.  Now picture two alpha male king warriors.  And to get the most out of this keep juxtaposing the pictures of the three examples.

(Two alpha male wolves,  Two warrior kings,  The great plane of human consciousness where something similar goes on - though the last one is hard to picture.)  

15:00  The communications by the alpha male wolves are hormonal, instinctive, and non verbal.  The second picture of the two alpha male warrior kings possibly meeting on a great field with armies at the ready.  (I have no history to back this up - lets suppose there is no couriers or emails involved.)  And as outsiders we can see them as humans communicating.  (Same way the pack sees the pack leader communicating)

As humans there may not be a whole lot of smelling going on but we may be able to see some body language as the two warrior alpha male kings meet.  (posing, moving lips)  And we assume they are talking - singular to humans.  Its very likely from the pack’s view (outsiders view) one of the Alpha male warrior kings will submit.  (maybe a slouch)  And the people (outsiders) will know what happened.

In some way one of the warrior kings talked the other warrior king out of it.  But who really knows what was said.  And a true warrior king (brave and fair, lets others surrender with dignity, does not brag) would not tell anyone.  And pushing the metaphor further if the relationship is “true and right” between the king and the people, the people would not ask.  They would respect the king too much to ask and would not want to know.

20:00  In the external world of warrior leaders (Charlemagne, Caesar, etc.) at a time of celebration of victory for the people no sober citizen would ask a warrior leader how he pulled off the victory.  I picture the same thing going on in the human brain.  That there is some part of the brain that acts like the alpha male and it protects us.  But from what?  Minimally its the out of control daydreams and flow of automatic thoughts.

I say that what’s been called being more awake is that on the great plain of human consciousness you have an alpha male warrior king part of the brain that protects another part of the brain. The alpha male part of the brain protects the common populous of consciousness.  Its the king bird that protects the flock.  (Sufi Parliament story)  The alpha male part of the brain has more of an understanding of what life is about.

And this alpha male part of the brain just goes about its business and trying to explain it is foolish.  From another view eventually you do not even ask.  (Why did I change this?  Why do I do so and so.?)  It just comes natural.  Another level - children never ask their parents “How come your my parents?”  I say there is a hierarchy in the part of the brain that produces thought that no one takes specific note - “Whats going on?”

25:00  Even people with "hands on” experience looking at the part of the brain that produces thought do not take specific note “Whats going on?”   Some folks look at it from the implausible to the foolish.  (ex. gift from God, the straightening out of some problem, a correction of consciousness)  I say the common populous of consciousness is being protected by an alpha male part of the brain.  

Its not like you are being assaulted by anyone else.  Maybe old man death, but if death is inevetable you probably should not call it an assault.  The assault is in your brain.  (Daydreaming, the automatic flow of thoughts, etc.)  Being sick is just old man death calling.  Its not like you can be protected physically from anything.  You are being protected by an alpha male piece of consciousness and the rest of the brain does not ask “How do you do it?”