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Jan Cox was an American secular Mystic, a Teacher, in the spiritual and philosophical sense of the word.  This website is being built by the people who were present when Jan began his years of teaching, the ones who received the tidal wave of talks, maps and tasks Jan directed their way.

Rather than fruitlessly argue about what is real and what is not, Consider it in these terms:
There is the silent, Primary Reality in which man physically exists,
and then a Secondary Reality which is the product of his mental activity. 
If you orient yourself for the moment on this basis, much
needless confusion can be avoided, and your sight clarified.

The subject here is the mind, “you,” the process called “consciousness,” and how it works. Alternatively, one can see this activity as the removal of barriers to sight, so as to produce a skill once called "The Direct Perception of Reality".  In any case, Relax, you are not what you think.

Dive right in!  You will encounter Jan’s words and maps with very little interpretation or explanation—we trust the value of this approach will soon become apparent. Click HERE to go to The Talks

It is important to understand that all guides or suggestions are 'maps', and a map is something you throw away once you get to where you are going.  Hence Jan wrote, The Story of the Ants

And - as a bonus for reading this far down the page, and if you are in a hurry to find the limits of your thinking processes, here are three talks in a row that will ruin any concept you have in a stable self and reveal the rewards of what this is all about.

2524 - Separating from the Script

2525 - Dreams Built on Dreams

2526 - OH, I'm Driving ?

And if you want a podcast, just open your favorite podcatcher and search on " Jan Cox "
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