About Jan's Talks

Jan began his public talks in 1969, in Atlanta.  Starting in 1981, audio recordings were made to send  to groups meeting regularly in other cities. Three years later, video taping of the talks was begun and four years after that (1988) selected tapes were edited for Public Access television (New Intelligence with Jan Cox) and shown in 47 cities for the next decade.

There were several  types of talks:

  •  Some were intended for long-time listeners who were "up to speed."
  •  Some wherein Jan addressed a more general audience, such as on television.
  •  Some were Introductory talks given in such a way as to drive off the merely curious while     confronting the opinions of new people who might actually benefit.

In these talks Jan may seem to be talking about revolution, industrial design or religion, but he is actually describing aspects of the mind to the listener's mind in a most oblique and revealing way.

The Kyroots and News Items

Most of the early meetings began with members of the Atlanta group reading collections of humorous aphorisms and observations that Jan had written for that specific talk. These were called "... and Kyroot Said."  Later they were referred to as "News items" (and some were recreated online as "Jan's Daily News").

These items were generally read before Jan came on stage, and he often referred to them during his subsequent talk. The readers are not on these videos, yet you can hear them on the streaming audio that is available immediately beneath the video . Beginning at talk number 1175, Jan started reading the items himself as "The News,"  and they are included in the video.