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The Talks

On this site you will soon find more than 3,000 talks by Jan Cox in the form of video, audio, transcripts and summaries. We currently have 1,042 talks available, with more being added weekly. Each talk has its own page and title listed on " The Talks" menu item above, just click the link to go to the talk. The order of display on each page is video, audio (streaming), audio file (for download) , The News, diagrams, summary and transcript. 
    Our host can only hold 1,000 pages so there are 3 sites; JanCox.com  JanCox2.com and JanCox3.com
   [ NOTE to iOS users, the iphone will only allow the default audio player which will download the entire file before starting, so wait for the black screen with a play arrow.]

Kyroot Stories and News Items

Jan often read short stories and epigrams he wrote for the evening, which were called, at various times, “And Kyroot Said…” or, “The News.”  These are linked on the talk pages in two forms: Gallery—in their original one-to-a-page format just as Jan typed them on his Selectric for poetic formatting; and Condensed— easier to read on a mobile device and searchable.  The reading of the AKS/News items are generally removed from the video, so as you look at the " cassette audio" you may see "KY to 14" or " audio after 11" which is to say that on the audio portion there are readings that last 14 minutes at the beginning or Jan had something to say after the public video cameras were turned off and he talked for 11 more minutes.


These are being compiled by individuals to provide an entry point into the material; some curations may be arranged specifically as an introduction such as in "Paradigm," others may follow one of Jan’s themes, such as, “4D Science,” or, “The Real Revolution.”

The Daily News

Jan’s Daily News is a blog that Jan started in 1999, which is now continued by his students by posting previously unpublished news items originally presented with the talks.  You will soon be able to subscribe to this as a RSS feed, and The News will be delivered to you fresh each day.


Browse: Each talk has it's own page and title. You can browse the titles of talks if you click “The Talks” in the menu bar.

Search: The Search tool will give you context by including several lines of text.  To go to the page, simply click anywhere on that text.  If you want to go to talk 99, and you just type ’99’ you will obviously get 199, 299,399, etc.  So typing ‘talk 0099’ or four digits with leading zeros will get the results you want.