Diagram 015

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Diagram # 015 illustration

Diagram # 015 illustration


      The diagram to the left represents the three circuits of Man, and I have specific names for each of them. The upper circle I'm calling the Decisive circuit, the middle one is the Mid circuit, and the lower one is the Primal circuit.  You can see that there are six places where these circles overlap or intersect one another. These are the places where the circuits communicate with each other.

       In reference to the diagram of the three circuits:  I have called them the Primal, Mid, and Decisive for a very good reason.  Do not call them anything else, even to yourself.  You cannot take ideas or descriptions that you have heard somewhere else and attempt to interpret what I have said; once you can See what I describe, you can discard all my words and maps.  I am giving you dangerous descriptions, descriptions that take you beyond the physical appearance of human behavior into what is the actual physical, literal reality of being super-normal, of having the nervous system ignited beyond Line-level consciousness.  The map does exist -- not absolutely in the way I have drawn it in two dimensions, but it represents and reflects in two dimensions the growth of the nervous system of Man, and the basis of its operation.  The map does exist, and I have refined it to the point that it is highly inflammable:  that is, it has great potential to shock some of you into that state that I have described.  If that happens, do not sit around by yourself thinking "a great mystical experience is about to happen".  Do something -- get out somewhere with ordinary people, get some exercise.

     Back to the map:  the Primal circuit you have in common with everything from a pigeon to a dog.  The Mid circuit is activated later in life.  It is a part of the history of humanity; it is a history of you.  You hold it in common with some creatures, and some creatures hold it in common with you.  The last circuit, the one I have labeled the Decisive, is yours and yours alone.  All that appears to be human behavior -- all manifestations of the human spirit, the human soul, all problems -- are the result of cross-talk where these circuits intersect -- the six places where they cross in the diagram.  I have told you, when I spoke of the physical, emotional, or intellectual functions of Man, that there were no such absolute lines cutting them up into separate entities, and I told you that that was both true and untrue.  Now here is a closer representation of the reality of that.  In one sense, the Primal circuit could operate by itself.  It does, in fact happen; sometimes you see it in an accident victim.  You could surgically cut those connections to where a person was operating almost entirely with the Primal circuit, to where it would almost operate by itself.  But I must point out that once a person has matured, once all the circuits have been activated, the Primal circuit no longer operates in isolation.  It does have its own isolated job to do, but if it were truly separate, the system could never expand.  You can't just stick one circuit on top of another one; there has to be a kind of communication between the circuits.

     It is those six (and there are two more, but I'm going to save that) internal connections between the circuits, those junctions where cross-talk between the circuits occurs in a particular way, that accounts for the appearance that everyone is in some way a little bit different, if not absolutely unique.  And this is true with people not just on a physical level, but people from the same background, the same neighborhood, even identical twins:  they may both have grown up in the same household, and purple is their favorite color, and they both married tall blonde women, but they are not the same. JC Talk 49