Diagram 018

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Diagram # 018 illustration

Diagram # 018 illustration


       In this diagram, I drew a circle divided by a squiggly line, with one side of the circle shaded. This represents the brain and its non-activated (N/A) side.  This is a direct, matching negative reflection -- an unactivated portion of the brain itself -- where there is a corresponding "No" for each "Yes" of ordinary consciousness.  For everything consciousness believes in completely, there is a corresponding lack of belief.  That is how the brain physically operates in the 3-D world The consciousness of everyone, at the ordinary level, is structured in a dual fashion. Ordinary consciousness is that portion of the brain which is naturally activated, represented by the shaded portion of the diagram.  That portion is where "you" operate, where everything you regard as being the description of your "unique personality" exists.  This part will be with you until you die.  On the other side of the line dividing the diagram, is a non-activated, negative reflection of what you take as being "you".  It is the opposite of everything you know to be true, everything you feel to be proper.  All that seems to culminate in the sensation of "you", has an antithesis on this other side. JC Talk 133

     The trickery I use in This -- my examples, rhetorical questions and apparent queries about aspects of Life -- is to help you learn that internally, you have the potential to have been anyone.  You must learn how to activate that potential in a particular way.  Need I point out that you do not have to actually become a murderer; but you must begin to sense that such behavior is not foreign to you.  If, for example, you read the headline, "MAN KILLS UNCLE OVER QUARTER BET," the ordinary, naturally-wired, activated "you" will immediately denounce such behavior.  "My oh my!  This is shocking.  This is absolutely unacceptable behavior."  At the speed of light, something in you will react, on the basis that what you see is unacceptably foreign to you.  You will have a radical electrical, muscular, reaction to the dots of ink on the page of a newspaper.

     You have got to find out for yourself, that regardless of what the activated portion says, you, too, could murder somebody over a quarter.  It is not necessary to conjure up scenarios in your head, wherein you become a crazed killer on the loose.  You simply begin to understand that the potential exists within your own wiring. JC Talk 64