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Diagram # 024 photo

Diagram # 024 photo


       Turn your attention now to an expanded map of the two apparent flows in a person. (Beyond the various historical explanations ranging from demons possessing people to the recent idea of an unconscious aspect of the human psyche, there do seem to be two flows in operation.)  I pointed out something which I called the Primal Flow as opposed to the apparent flow of what seems to be yourself, a personal flow.  The flow that appears to be oneself has continual running daydreams and not one iota of energy ever seems to be available to act on them.  Once you catch sight of these daydreams from a certain perspective you should ask yourself the nonverbal question, "How have I abided these dreams?  How have I sat, stood, and lain down all my life with this going on, and I have never questioned the fact that I cannot pursue any of these dreams?"

     There is this flow which seems to be your individual self with all of its apparent hopes and desires and then there is this other nonverbal flow which seems to operate somewhere else.  This other flow, the one I have called the Primal Flow, has been called everything from "the gods" to "the unconscious."  It seems to be in continual conflict with the personal flow, and the net result of the two flows seems to be non-action. This process can be observed in everything from one's personal relationships to one's avocation.  But there is also the occasional possibility of particular interests and areas in you when the two flows are not in conflict.  All of you who are properly attracted to This had the potential to have been almost anything in the way that your particular master template was stamped out by Life.  You could have filled nearly any hole in the fabric of Life, and in the same manner you will find that there is at least some small area in you where the flows are more or less in alignment.  It might be tinkering with a motorcycle, or playing the guitar, sitting around drawing, or making a dress.  It's not important what the activity is, but all of you should look for such areas in yourself -- find out that there is something that you like to do, something that you simply enjoy and there is no explaining it.  When you are doing something of this nature, when the two flows are close to not being in conflict, the less you require an audience.  The less you must show someone what you have done, the less you must seek approval or shirk possible disapproval.  You may find that there is no explaining it, but if nothing else is going on, you would just prefer to put on old clothes and dig in the garden and play with petunias -- you would just as soon stay there until you drop, or it gets too cold or too dark.  You should all be looking for the very distinct difference between this type of activity and that which fills the rest of one's normal existence.

     When the two flows are in alignment in you there is a very different taste from everything else that operates in the horizontal world.  This difference extends to things which everyone is forced to say are important such as, "We have got to be concerned over the political climate of the world."  Or, "We cannot go around blind to the fact that there is an insane nuclear arms race which could result in the destruction of us all."  There is something in everyone which agrees to these types of horizontal concerns, but this agreement is no more than a variation of the age old fear that the gods are going to get you, or that you had better do right or you will pay for your transgressions.

     Everyone is prey to this type of ordinary, horizontal flow under the right conditions.  I can even evoke it in you while we are sitting here.  I can tell you ahead of time that what I am about to demonstrate is no more than a satirical game and yet in a matter of moments I could draw your attention in a certain direction.  All I have to do is tell you that, "It would take only a small miscalculation for there to be a nuclear holocaust, such as almost happened recently.  In case some of you were not aware of the fact, in recent months there was some kind of breakdown in the early warning system and they almost sent out some armed nuclear warheads.  All it would have taken was the merest additional mistake and we would have been done for.  Imagine the types of people with their fingers on the buttons, and the multitude of electronic and mechanical equipment that could fail.  We could just blow everything up.  I mean it's easy to sit here -- you think everything is all right -- but think of the fright if right now we suddenly were to start hearing sirens and turn on the radio -- suddenly a voice comes out of the radio and says that without any doubt it is about to rain bombs on this country."  I assure you that if that were to actually happen, your internal complexion would change. JC Talk 61