Diagram 030

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Diagram # 030 illustration

Diagram # 030 illustration


      Recall now, the grid, the multidimensional network of wires connecting everyone together.  From the direct connections between you and your immediate environment, your family, friends, co-workers, these wires radiate to include everyone on the planet.  I can make up a story about an Albanian accordion player getting shot at this very moment and then develop it to the point where I show you the affect his death would have on you, say, within 24 hours.  I want you to Consider the manifestations of these invisible wires, even if you cannot yet See the enormity of the connections.

     The Grid can be visualized as a wire mesh laid out over the entire planet.  At every intersection where two wires cross, you will find a person's head, with their eye-level at the level of the grid, and the rest of their system dangling downward.  Can you follow this picturization?  Each juncture point has a head at eye-level with a body hanging down from it.  In fact, each juncture point actually is a person.

     Let me remind you of this fact:  when you are sitting alone in your room and then you mate walks through the door, you suddenly become a different person.  Perhaps you're reading a book, or looking out the window, daydreaming, and you hear his or her footsteps coming toward the door.  Inside you something changes.  You should be able to observe this kind of thing, without drawing any finalized conclusions about what it means.  There you sit doing nothing particularly secretive, nothing embarrassing, when you suddenly hear footsteps or your mate walks through the door -- and something happens in you.  The moment you hear the step, or the door opening, you are no longer, in the ordinary sense of the word, the same "I", you are no longer the same person that was sitting quietly caught up in the flow of reading a book.

     This Grid system, as with all good maps, is not rigid.  It is very pliable and can twist and turn in all kinds of strange directions.  At the heart of this apparent self, this personality, is a magnetic field with particular qualities that vary a bit from person to person.  Another person physically appearing on the scene, as in my description above, interferes with the operation of the magnetic field previously established, while you were reading a book, or staring out the window.  But how would you explain the apparent internal change you experience when the other person is not even in the house and you hear footsteps coming up the front steps?  Lest you miss the hint, an alteration in the magnetic field is not limited to the physical appearance of another person.  How is it, for example, that you can be looking out the window, in a sort of dream state, and for .pano apparent reason, you suddenly realize that you are thinking about someone you haven't seen or thought of in years?

     The Grid system is in operation at Line level, precisely where the head feeds through one of those juncture points, at "I" level.  At that level, there is no escape and you are pushed and pulled about by the movements of the Grid itself.  Additionally, the Grid is not two nor three dimensional.  It moves into another dimension, so that, what seems to be nearby and what is apparently far away (such as you and the Albanian accordion player) may be closely connected within the grid.

     Every movement within the Grid affects every other movement.  You can observe, through some of the examples I just made up, the way people are apparently tied into the grid.  You can observe the connections, by examining anything going on in Life.  Watch the way you seem to react to others.  What happens, for example, when someone speaks to you?  What does it seem to do to your internal thought processes, and how does it alter your apparent mood?  If I were speaking to a group of psychologists, I could doctor this up and make it sound as though it is a new psychological theory or a new way of presenting a current theory.  They would think, "Yes, in some way we are all tied together, and the experiences, and traumas picked up in childhood that have resulted in self-condemnatory behavior can be triggered by certain kinds of people and current-day influences.  These catch your attention, and viewed in a particular way can be seen as a motivating factor."  That explains nothing.  The Grid is a literal, physical phenomenon.

      This apparent "I"-level Grid system, which holds everyone together, extends into a dimension beyond the three that can normally be seen.  Everyone is being pushed, pulled, and jerked about by the movement of the grid.  What if this Grid system is not actually operating from an "I"-level vantage point. What if it only seems to operate from that level because that is all ordinary consciousness could conceive? What if the Grid actually operates from another level, a different dimension?  I have told you that everything is, in a sense, upside-down.  And backwards! JC talk 62