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Diagram # 034

Diagram # 034


     I am going to point out a few things about the Three Forces.  Remember, I'm not giving you new dogma; this is no new theology.  These are maps, but maps which do not come from Life, and they make no rhyme nor reason to the ordinary mind.  But remember:  A map is something you use to get somewhere, and when you get there, you throw the map away.  If you use a map to get to a secret, wonderful city, you don't walk around the city staring at the map saying, "Hey, look, Martha, we're on 17th street now."  I am describing to you that which cannot be seen on the ordinary level, and my responsibility to you people is to try to trick those who are able into Seeing it.  And maps are one way of doing it.

     On the ordinary level, everything appears to work on a binary  basis.  The laws of physics, politics, human relationships, the struggle between the sexes, everything seems to operate in a binary manner. The ordinary mind functions in terms of good or bad, profitable or unprofitable.  People believe that if we could all just get together and abandon evil and ignorance and do what's good and proper we would all be in paradise.  But there is a missing dimension.  If you are to construct actual models of all my maps, instead of using popsicle sticks or 2 X 4's, you would have to use triangular sticks.  And this is what remains invisible to the ordinary, binary mind.

     For thousands of years, this idea of Three Forces, a trilateral reality, has been filtered down through ordinary religions.  It is reflected in such concepts as the trinity of the father, son and holy ghost, and of the middle eastern terms of the creative, destructive and sustaining.  But try to remember that any one of these Three Forces can become any one of the others in any given situation.  There is no one Force you can call creative.  There is a point through which all three Forces flow, which is what This Thing is.  But there is no one place, one person, one group of people or set of theories which is, quote, "creative." Something can appear to be creative in one context, at one moment on this dance card.  But at that same moment, if you could take another position, it could be seen as a destructive Force.  You should also remember that what can be seen from your own viewpoint in your own nervous system as positive and creative can change almost instantaneously into a negative influence.

     That which appears to be a creative Force in your life can, almost as fast as you can be conscious, turn into an indifferent Force, or into its own apparent opposite.  You can swear, to the limits of your consciousness, that you are madly in love with the girl you met last night.  You stop off on the way home and buy her a gift to show her how much you care.  Then you run home: you just can't wait to nibble on her ears.  And as soon as you open the door, you see her in bed with the meter reader and it's over.  It goes from a positive to a negative situation just like that; in a glimpse, as fast as your eyes can perceive the image of them in bed.  Your perception of the circumstance can change instantly and also, if you could assume the consciousness of the other people involved, they would not see the situation in the same way you do.  That which you called destructive, they would call something else.  There are no permanent names for these Forces.

     But the question everyone wants to ask is what is the Third force.  I've never gone into this very far before, for very particular reasons.  So for the first time, I'm going to point you in a certain direction. Everyone can perceive the First and Second forces, if only on the following basis:  the First force is what you want, and the Second force is what seems to hinder you in acquiring what you want.  For a specific example,  you may tell your husband or wife that you want to go see a movie this weekend and they reply that they'd like to but they need to work instead. On an individual level, this is First and Second force.  And there is a Third force tied to these.  It is the dimension which cannot be seen.  It is the missing piece which makes all that men ordinarily perceive seem lacking and incomplete.  Without this other dimension, everything is only a partial statement.  You have been living life with only partial sight and hearing.  You've been listening to the noises of Life but they make no sense to you.  You've been reading books on philosophy; you've been trying all sorts of things but somehow it still doesn't look right to you:  there's something missing.  That missing part is the Third force. JC Talk 57