Diagram 036

Re Talk: 112

Diagram # 036 photo

Diagram # 036 photo

  I've made a new diagram for you, which I call the Impact Spectrum.  It is a two-dimensional representation, but you should try to picture it as a grid, floating in space, running in all directions.  It is much more complex than simply one line going in a particular direction.

     Keep that picture in mind, while I point to something else:  another way you can see behind the common feeling in humanity I'll nickname, "down around the corner."  Reflected in literature and in conversations is the feeling that "simply being alive" is precarious.

     Neuralize that because things are in a continual state of growth, there is no permanent state.  You cannot isolate and freeze, in consciousness, a permanent structure, or even a present structure; because structures are always in the process of change or else they're dying.  But change is, in a sense, a form of partial death, because it is a break up of what exists at any one moment.

     Now back to this floating grid, represented by my two-dimensional drawing.  Let's say that the red line represents a certain religion, for instance, and that it has arisen somewhere along the black line -- the life of Man.  It appeared to be a religion operating at a certain intensity and it seemed to have a certain impact in the grid of humanity.  It grew in a certain directions for a time, with a certain intensity, and then it changed direction.  Perhaps, for example, with its initial intensity, it was labeled religious.  Later it became something more political.

     That change is what I meant, in part, by varying the width of the red line in the diagram.  Any sub-process in Life may continue a few hundred years at a certain level, and then turn into the blue line; it changes intensities.  In a sense, it changes directions.  Its original impact changes, but it does not die.  Instead of the example of religion, we could refer to philosophical and economic ideas, or to what seems to be the social structure.  But whatever the example, the breakup of a structure is not a sudden severance of a straight line phenomenon.  If you look at your own life, your relationships with others do not run in a straight line and then simply die.  One person in a relationship may say, "Listen, I've had enough of you, and the way you act, I'm leaving."  Yet, at the ordinary level of consciousness, nothing just stops like that.  It drags on and on.  It always does, no matter the relationship.  Perhaps one of your parents dies, and you bury them, but they're not dead to your consciousness.

     All of you are subject to the feeling that your life is constantly under the influence of the destructive force.  You can all feel it.  You have grown up with it, and you're surrounded by it -- in songs, literature, and human conversation.  It's the feeling of impending doom.  If humanity understood the descriptions I am giving, they would agree, "Yes, there are these three kinds of primary forces at work, but certainly, D is in charge; it's obvious.  The environment is being polluted, we're stockpiling enough weapons to destroy the whole world.  It's just a matter of time.  We can smell it."  All of you succumb to that, as long as you are suffering.  And as long as you have the feeling of impending doom, you are still operating at the ordinary level of consciousness.

     You must begin to Understand on your own that the nature of growth is change and change involves the breakdown of existing structures.  From trying to build up muscles by breaking down muscles, to fertilizing plants.  You've got to see that every form of growth must include a necessary change and necessary destruction.  You must begin to Understand that nothing is going down hill, but rather that everything is in a continual state of change. JC Talk 112