Diagram 040

Re Talk: 145

Diagram # 040 illustration

Diagram # 040 illustration


     I am going to do a quick drawing to show what seems to be change and why I keep insisting that ordinary change is no change.  In the brain there is an area that amounts to an area of "antimatter" -- the unactivated, mirrored reflection of the ignited side of your brain.  On the activated side are all of the activities that comprise "you" -- your thoughts, feelings and all possible responses.

     Let us say that in the activated portion is a configuration that makes a person drink alcohol.  Then something seems to happen to that person such as a serious car wreck that kills his child.  Over in an area that was not previously ignited there is triggered a mechanical activation of a mirror circuit.  That newly activated circuit is an absolute reflection of the original and produces a person who is a passionate teetotaler.  It is the same circuit on the other side of the brain that has been mechanically activated. Those two sides can't run simultaneously in an ordinary person.

     My use of drinker becoming a teetotaler is just an obvious example.  Apparent feelings can be another example.  People can feel that they are "almost the exact opposite of what they used to be."  That is not change.  For every opinion that an ordinary person has there is an unactivated, absolute, mirrored reflection that is, as far as words go, the opposite.  To be able to switch from one into its mirrored reflection is not real change.  To do that is to do absolutely nothing. JC talk 145