Diagram 057

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Diagram # 057 illustration

Diagram # 057 illustration


    Everyone is wired up to feel guilty.  I call it Betty Crocker guilt, because it comes in layers.  To wit:  It's not enough that a person feels guilty about some particular behavior or certain daydream; he's also driven to feel guilty when he notices he isn't feeling guilty.
     There is a lateral expansion that is essential and proper in all three circuits.  I have discussed this lateral expansion in terms of the Yellow Circuit; I've pointed out that such activation forms the necessary foundation of vertical activation.  But it's not limited to the Yellow Circuit; lateral activation is necessary for all the Circuits.  Each of the circuits are also divided into three areas:  one negative, one positive, and then the neutral area.  For this picturization I am showing these three areas as almost equal in size. Imagine now that I am isolating the Blue Circuit, from the middle of the intertwined circuits, to verbally describe this process.

Verbally it can sound very harsh, though the reality of it is not harsh, to speak of the power, to turn away from what is unprofitable emotionally, even if it has to do with one's own blood kin.  Attempt to confront it in this manner:  the Blue Circuit is an evolutionary middle ground between the Red and Yellow Circuits.  This Circuit naturally has the three areas I've mentioned, but only two are ever or can ever be taken into account by ordinary people, because they view what they call feelings in a binary manner.  You either like or you dislike; you react either positively or negatively.  No one pays any attention to something he has no feeling for. But can you See there is a connection between this third, neutral area of the Blue Circuit and of the Three Forces, the Three Modes, namely the elusive "E"?  Can any of you See that if you could expand consciousness more or less in an equally forceful fashion into all three areas of the Blue Circuit, then you would have something in the Blue Circuit which would approach the Neuralizing possibilities of the Yellow Circuit.

     There is a very scientific basis for the expansion of the Blue Circuit, as in all the circuits.  Life has been talking about this expansion for thousands of years.  Among the many examples I could give you are some of the Eastern philosophies that speak of a "middle ground", a condition, a position, where one's thoughts are not pulled vehemently and constantly in one direction or the other.  The idea portrayed in those statues of a little fat man sitting there serenely detached, has always struck a resounding note in Life's body to many, many people.  Especially those who are primarily driven by the Blue Circuit.  In that great area of Life's body where the Blue folks live, many, many people, when they hear about such emotional impartiality, wave little banners inside themselves and think, "What a joyous idea."

     The general population never hears the scientific basis behind the expansion of the Blue Circuit.  When they hear that a person need not be at the whim of every force, whether it be self-destructive behavior or extremes of happiness, they only hear what is appropriate.  They think, "I'll do whatever is necessary, if somebody can show me how to become so unruffled, so composed."  These responses though are not an answer to anything. 

     The scientific basis I speak of is a form of emotional Neuralization wherein you laterally expand your own Blue Circuit to where you are not limited to the polarities:  "Either I like what's going on, what I heard about, what happened to me or I dislike it."  The neutral middle area is where you feel no interest.  You ask someone who is not sports-minded, "Who lost the series?", his answer is, "What series?"  The subject of sports falls in his neutral area.  This area is, in a sense, inactive.  Ordinarily, binary consciousness can not even hold a simultaneous awareness of the first two areas -- the positive and negative.  The ignition of all three areas of the Blue Circuit simultaneously would be more than it bargained for, no matter how wonderful it may sound at first.  If consciousness can't even maintain an awareness that for every feeling it has, there is someone across the street with an opposing emotion.  To be aware that there are times when, "I have negative feelings towards another person and yet right now here I am under different circumstances agreeing with this person," is a cramming together of apparent opposites which is beyond the power of the binary mind.  But the ignition of all three areas would be unexpectedly, incomprehensibly beyond even this.  Freedom would be to have all three areas ignited at the same time.  Such a simultaneous ignition, the full lateral expansion of the Blue Circuit, is the reality behind the religious and philosophical descriptions of a middle ground where you are not buffeted by uncontrollable waves of pro and con passion. JC talk 177