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Diagram # 059 photo

Diagram # 059 photo


     Among the many ways I could present what is behind This Thing, my mapping of the three forces is a prime one -- it meets all the contemporary qualifications.  You must be able to see in threes to activate higher parts of your nervous system, to expand the circuits in a lateral manner and to reach a point where there are no untouched, strange and exotic areas within yourself.  Until you can achieve such expansion, everything else is really just theory, philosophy, a teaching, and not an experience.Here is a picturization which illustrates why those who are bi-wired can never see the third entity, the Third force. 

     Towards the top of my diagram you only see two figures, yet on the bottom, you can see three.  The diagram is all drawn with one line, yet it appears to be two supported by three if you split it up.  You can also see three legs -- one on each side and one in the middle, which is created by the other two over lapping.  If you let your attention run up and down you can see that the third leg becomes a part of either one side or the other, depending on your viewpoint.  At the top, the diagram appears to be a two-pronged object.  At its bottom, the diagram appears to have three legs, yet it's all drawn with one continuous line. The third leg does not really exist because each side of the third leg is a side of one of the other two legs. If you call one leg C and the other leg D, can you begin to understand why it is so hard to see E?

     I have sometimes referred to E as being that which seems to be irrelevant in any specific situation.  I referred to it as everything which does not fall into what you perceived to be C and D.  You can easily see two things, two partners dancing, but you ask, "How can I consider everything else, if everything else is irrelevant to start with?"  Yet, I assure you, anything which seems to you, to be either C or D, is absolutely irrelevant to someone else.  I should really call this third possibility the E-relevant, because "irrelevant" is not exactly the correct word to describe E.  E is not irrelevant, it is E-relevant.

     At the ordinary level you can always find some group trying to create change, and another that is defending what the first group is trying to change.  As long as you are limited to such binary wiring -- as long as you are binarily blinded -- all you can ever do, all that the participants can ever do, is shift places. Even if one of the two apparently wins, the winner would immediately have its own opposition.  D would become C, and immediately acquire it's own D. JC talk 180