Diagram 067

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Diagram # 067

Diagram # 067

       I'm going to try and expand this even further with my diagram of the three circuits.  I can draw this as three rings, all interlocking.  The Red Circuit, or lower ring, is the oldest circuit in man.  The middle ring represents the Blue Circuit, and the upper ring, the Yellow Circuit.  You should, however, remember that my map is intentionally flawed.  Each Circuit should be considered as having three different levels:  for example, the Red Circuit has a mid-level where it touches the Blue Circuit, and an upper level where it touches the Yellow Circuit.  The reason I point this out is that, like everything else you can ordinarily conceive, none of these circuits exist in isolation.

     I am trying to direct your attention to an area which I have never pointed out specifically.  If we use ordinary terminology to describe the Blue Circuit as the seat of apparent human emotions, I'm telling you that it exists on three different levels.  If the heart of pure emotion (whatever that might be) is found in the mid part of the blue ring, then when you reach the upper level of the Blue Circuit (where the Blue touches the Yellow Circuit), the emotion becomes watered down.  You could say that it is then partly emotion and partly thought.

     I want to direct your attention to the point where the Blue Circuit -- the so-called emotions -- comes into direct contact with the Yellow Circuitry.  There, the upper level of the Blue Circuit is partially operative in most Yellow Circuit activities.  One way of looking at this interplay is that the Blue hormones decide what the organism is going to think of; the Blue Circuit at that level decides what it feels is important enough to merit thought.  The Yellow Circuit's function then is to determine how best to think the thought.

     It is quite easy for the Yellow Circuit to think of itself as being the domain of abstract ideas and concepts, such as mathematics.  But by and large, what the Yellow Circuit is going to think of is commingled with what the Blue Circuit feels is important enough to merit thought, and this includes mathematics.  Down where the Blue Circuit and the Yellow Circuit are commingling, the Blue Circuit has a feel for what is of some importance to your organism.  It feels as though, "This is important enough to think about."

     I must remind you that this is not a lineal situation.  It's not that something piques the interest of the Blue Circuit and then moves to the Yellow Circuit.  If you could see this process taking place, it would be more along the lines of the Yellow Circuit receiving the feeling that, "This is important enough for me to think about", and simultaneously determining how it will think about it.  It is a case of the higher areas of the Blue Circuit co-mingling in the lower and mid areas of the Yellow Circuit.  If I run this description backwards linearly, then the Yellow Circuit would have thoughts, not only about what the Blue Circuit is sending up, but what it thinks about the feeling that originated from the Blue Circuitry. JC talk 186