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Diagram # 069 photo

Diagram # 069 photo


      The three circuits and consciousness. Is consciousness other than the 3 circuits? Is there anything other than consciousness and the circuits? Consciousness tries to effect change in the circuits but then what motivates it to do this?  

     Can anyone begin to See that memory is a hard wired, foregone conclusion.  How about that for an absolutely insane notion? That is an example of a statement which is apparently impossible, but correct.  Consider statements that are the inverse variety:  those that are Apparently Correct, But Impossible.  Here is a new term for you, an acronym ACBI, refers to a statement that is Apparently Correct, But Impossible.  An example would be the statement, "Fire prevention is everyone's business."  At first blush, this statement appears to be true, but then the obvious flaw appears:  fire prevention is not a pyromaniac's business. In ordinary-ville there can be no absolute statement of fact, since for any statement to occur, its opposite must likewise exist.

     How about this?  How can man-programmed machines be more dependable than the men who programmed them?  What I wanted to point you toward was more than just an interesting question.  Can you See that this may be due to squeezing out human error time.  A computerized diagnostic machine may be much more accurate than the actual physician, but then the machine did not have to work in the midst of fatigue, horniness, or anger.  It is as though time has been condensed and what has been squeezed out is all the little places wherein humans could act uniquely human.

     Memory: a hardwired forgone conclusion. The acronym ACBI (Re: Diagram 69) = Apparently Correct But Impossible. The definition of memory is more the reverse: AIBC = Apparently Impossible But Correct. Consider the ACBI:"Fire prevention is everyone's business". What about pyromaniacs? Consider the AIBC: "there's no such thing as an absolute fact (or statement)". Remember that the opposite of any fact/statement must first exist for the contrary statement to arise in any human consciousness. JC talk 193