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Re Talk: 194

Diagram # 070 illustration

Diagram # 070 illustration


       Another question:  "How can I get out of my head?  (Hell is not a nice place to be.)" Everybody is wired up to be lodged somewhere and you can discern your own particular center of focus.  There are the circuits and there is consciousness of the circuits, and you can feel this for yourself.

     You can be "living in your head" all the way from your eyes down to your groin.  Anyone asking a question in this manner stating "hell is not a nice place to be" is not living within the Yellow Circuit.  Their "head" is located further south.  The feeling that "my head is unpleasant" or "my head doesn't co-operate" is pointing toward something other than isolated Yellow Circuit activity.

     Regardless of where your consciousness is focused, the prescription for the malady is to willfully change the location of focus.  If indeed you were "living in your head" primarily in the Yellow Circuit, one suggestion would be to take up serious weight lifting.  Find a gym, not a fitness center, but a gym run by a guy named Doc who has tattoos all over his arms.  The only two rules of such a place would be:  pay on time and don't spit on the floor.  Assuming you were the archetypical 98 pound weakling with thick glasses and 20 pencils in your pocket -- Doc's gym would be the kind of place you'd never set foot in your whole life.  Go there and lift weights for two hours a day, 6 days a week.  The reason is not to become big, strong and popular (although if that's a side-effect, it's your problem!).  For a man or woman with an Aim, this kind of willful effort expands more than your lats, traps and triceps.  It expands the field of focus where you seem to live.  On the other hand, those who "live in their head" down in the Red Circuit could, to change their center of focus, enroll in school and study mathematics or physics.  Blue Circuit people should do just about anything in the world that conflicts with torment, suffering and the dread ennui. JC talk 194