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Diagram # 074 video grab

Diagram # 074 video grab

      In this map of the brain, the shaded part represents the highest point in your nervous system.  It is that which constitutes "you." This is the place where your brain is operating; where you are wired up.  If the shaded part of the brain is that which is activated, there is also a symmetrical side that is not in operation.  At the ordinary level, if there were not the apparent reality of conceived opposition, the mind would not function.  There can be no conception of "that which is good" without the conception of "that which is bad."  An idea of goodness cannot reach an ordinary person's consciousness unless the already wired perception of its opposite exists in them.  If you have a continual understanding of that and you get beyond the realm of good and evil, you begin to see that Life does not operate in opposition to itself; not on the level that Man does.  Life in general does that which is profitable.

     Life will try anything once, but that's a lot more than can be said for people.  If you have tried something once, you have tried it five times -- and if you are over the age of 30, it is by now into the hundreds of thousands of times.  And that is just your more obscure activities.  Those things more common to you, you have tried billions of times.  It is only people who need to be told (and only the Few who can hear it) to never think the same thing twice.  Also, don't ever do the same thing twice, unless you're getting paid for it...or to keep from frightening the children.  Life does not need that directive; it repeats something only if it is profitable.  Of course, what is profitable for Life may not coincide with your idea of what is profitable. Please note, there has been more than one war.  Killing did not stop with Cain and Abel.

     If there was any real profit to morality, you would not be interested in This.  You would have goodnessed yourself into some other state.  You would have no questions, and nothing would disturb you.  it is not that the concept of morality is wrong, it is inefficient.  The idea of morality is appropriate for ordinary people, but for the Few it is less than nourishing.  It will not die out next month, and I am not trying to stamp it out.  But if you can see beyond the idea of morality, the very core of what now seems to be your dissatisfaction will be swallowed up by the understanding of morality's basis. JC talk 200