Diagram 082

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Diagram # 082 illustration

Diagram # 082 illustration


      I am going to draw a two-dimensional map and try to explain it three-dimensionally, but that will still not illustrate the extent of it.  The picture is of a human and around him is drawn three moving plates, or planes, of time.  They are like rings around a planet.  The plates represent sensations of three time zones: one of them seems to be right now, one seems to be a sensation of the future, and the third seems to be what drags you into the past.

     The plates are stacked on each other and move at different speeds.  At times you would be more aware of one than the others, and at times they seem to hit particular parts of the body.  The plates move continuously, mesh, boost and suppress energies, but they are operating simultaneously, in three different time zones.  At times you can feel quite specifically that within you there are three simultaneous realities of time and you carry them with you.  You can feel, for instance, that under certain conditions the plate of the past is hugging a certain part of your body.  You can feel the future time zone hover in another part of the body, and the third one rests in the parts that remain.  That is enough of a hint.  It takes a certain internal eyesight, but you can see it.

     What appears to be an imbalance in the world is not recognized for what it is.  The apparent injustice is due to the existence of different time zones.  The people living in areas of poverty and inefficiency are living in a time zone behind the primary contemporaneous time zone of the planet as a whole.  They have to be there.  There is, further, a long range pendulum effect:  in another 1500 years that time zone will have shifted and become the primary contemporaneous time zone.  In l500 years, your current locale could be the spot on the planet where there is tragedy after tragedy, famine after famine, and mad ruler after mad ruler.

     Part of the basis of so-called guilt is that everyone feels that their center of gravity is just west of "right now."  "Right now" is the voice of Life, the voice which wants to expand the limits of the nervous system. You and everyone else are "one hour behind" and that keeps people dissatisfied.  That keeps Life moving.

     What I am trying to do is take information/energy from a future time zone and make the information sound as if it could be true right now.  The transforming of this future energy into today's information has been the basis of This Thing throughout history.  Everything below Line level, going west, you can understand.  But what if you could find a time zone that does not apparently exist?  It is not on any map -- it is east of right now.  I have to tell you that this particular time zone is "mystical" because you cannot identify it.  But there, you can understand everything which has taken place up until now and you can understand what is going to happen tomorrow.  And you do not have to consult an astrologer.  There, I suggest to you, feelings of pessimism and terminal inertia do not exist. JC talk 210