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Diagram # 093 video grab

Diagram # 093 video grab


      I am going to talk about a particular substance in the blood, which I have called "AMv12," in conjunction with a symbolic measuring device known as the Bell Curve.  For those of you not familiar with it, the Bell Curve looks like the above sketch.

     When studies are done of ordinary social phenomena, such as the consumption of alcohol, it is found that across a general range of the population, the distribution falls into a bell-shaped curve.  Out of a hundred people studied, probably three percent will say they never drink.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, another three or four percent will say that they drink to excess.  The majority of people studied will fall in the middle of the curve, claiming to be moderate drinkers.  Most studies of ordinary people involved in ordinary activities will result, when graphically plotted, in a bell curve.  While the Bell Curve is commonly used by statisticians to analyze ordinary events after charting them statistically, I am going to use this same device to point toward a 4-Dimensional reality.

     If you Considered what would be a bell curve of Life, you would find that there are certain types of activities influenced by an extreme combination, an imbalance or dilution of AMv12 in the bloodstream of certain individuals.  These activities constitute so-called antisocial or insane behavior that seems to fall outside the mainstream of Life.  Ordinary people would believe this type of activity to be extreme, for example, lying at the extreme ends of the bell curve.  In reality, almost all ordinary activities, including apparently antisocial and insane behavior, fall within the center of Life's bell curve -- right in the mainstream of Life's blood supply.  The apparent worst and best behaviors all lie in the fat part of the bell curve.  Murder and war, considered by ordinary people to be extreme behavior, actually constitute absolutely normal behavior for humanity.

     For any behavior to be truly extreme, that activity must almost be a danger to the Life of Life.  If such an activity were to continue for any length of time, it would pose a real threat.  Thus, the true extremes are transient.  Activities that are unprofitable for Life as a whole keep popping up from time to time, but in different parts of Life's body, and such truly extreme activities are almost imperceptible to those in the mainstream.  For example, a man proclaiming that everyone over three feet tall must be shot might make this proclamation three or four times.  Everyone who heard him would immediately forget what he said; or, the man might have a heart attack.  Such an incident would fall at the extreme end of the bell curve and would have no ultimate effect on those in the mainstream. JC talk 221