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Diagram #100 illustration

Diagram #100 illustration


      Let me see if I can drag you a little further.  If you have knowledge of only two axes, the "C" and the "D" force, the knowledge you have is, ultimately, non-informative.  It is non-expansive, because there is nowhere you can go with it.  If you could, no one would be seeking to be religious.  No one would be seeking some extraordinary journey.  No one would be trying to do This kind of Thing, because everything would be self evident.  There would be no questions.  If the information available regarding two of the forces were self-explanatory, it would be satisfying, and it is not.  Can you see any connection between that and what seem to be this partnership arrangement in you and in Life?

     The two forces can be arranged in any given situation as taking up to two thirds of the possibilities all the way down to some kind of minimum influence for you or anyone else to just be conscious of an activity.

     With "C" and "D" force operating at two thirds of the possibilities of all reality, it's always calamity time. To ordinary consciousness, everything is serious business.  You are talking about a doctor who just told you, "You're going to die next week."  Your broker just called and said, "Are you in a tall building, if so, get away from the windows.  You have just lost everything."

     Information that is limited to two forces, at Life's level and at the ordinary level, is non-informative.  It answers nothing.  It satisfies nothing.  What the partnership arrangement never sees is the missing one third of the possibilities -- the "E" force -- that gives room for the other two to dance.  If they do not have room to dance, everything would be frozen.  It would be like two gears with no tolerance that have locked up due to lack of room.  Nothing can be transferred.  Motion and energy cannot move.  And yet, ordinary consciousness believes that the purpose in Life, especially the purpose of non material activity -- religious or philosophical activity -- is to overcome this dance, to overcome conflict.  And it's not.  It is the blank space where the dance moves (what I've been calling "E") that determines the relative position and what's going on with the other two forces.  The two forces by themselves don't tell you anything.  That's why no ordinary knowledge is satisfying.  But it is also, in part, why consciousness feels that this conflict must be overcome.  "If we could overcome religious differences, racial differences, nationalistic differences, the basic uncivilized differences between humans, then there would be some kind of heaven.  There would be the final resting place, the ultimate Arcadia of humanity.  We would have found our Camelot."  It's not true, because there is always the third part missing.  Line-level consciousness can not understand that there has to be a place for the two forces to fight it out, to dance it out.  But at the ordinary level, because of the missing third, the "E" force, it all appears to be non-beneficial conflict, something to be done away with. And it's not.

     Let me connect this to something else: initially the idea of "god" was a very early name for the "E" force. Many people still have such sounds in their own wiring systems; the electrochemical activities make the word "god" ring in their heads, but what's ringing is an unanswered call from "E" force. Consciousness attempts to conceive of it in a crude way as a place, an area, where everything is finally rectified.  "E" would be the omnipresent, omnipotent place where all childish human conflicts would be brought together under the super force, under the super chief.  They call it "god", but I'm telling you that it was a very early name for "E" force.  Humanity still has that resounding and reverberating in its consciousness.

     That's not the only purpose of the idea of "god", but it's one you should attempt to Neuralize specifically.  There is a lot more to it than that.  If you can get away from your wired up ideas of an "old man sky god" who exists apart from everything, you should try to Neuralize what has been operating in the genes of Man.  What is it that comes out with the idea of a "god" -- of a super, ultimate force -- always giving it human consciousness, always reflecting the limitations of Man and Man's own consciousness?

     Ordinarily, all you are seeing, at best, is two thirds of what is going on.  But keeping that in mind, I want you to see that every opinion, every religious idea, every philosophical idea -- everything is true.  If you can begin to see this, then you can begin to do something else which will expand your nervous system, and that is to continually give smiling affirmation to all you hear; never voice any criticism of Life.  The partnership can't do it, because the partnership deals with what appears to be conflicts.  For example:  you hear someone say, "There is no doubt about it, I have studied the bible, and all my brethren agree that secular humanism and liberal attitudes are the work of the devil."  Now, let us say that your partnership is wired up in such a way that as soon as you hear that, if you are just being conscious at Line level, there are immediate reverberations in your nervous system to the effect:  "Well, you fat old fool, when people like you die out, maybe there will be a chance for some progress."  But you make a mistake to react in such a manner -- not a religious or moral mistake -- you are missing the opportunity to give smiling affirmation to everything you hear.  You've got to know how to do it.  You are not agreeing, it is simply that everything is true. JC talk 233