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Diagram # 128 illustration

Diagram # 128 illustration


     J.'s "Story" about a 'guy' who discovers anew and updates the ongoing fact that man is a living laboratory; that matter is evolving itself in a continuum of process that exists much like the Periodic Table of Elements where Hydrogen becomes Helium, becomes Lithium, becomes Beryllium. Man too so evolves, yet where He (helium) remembers its former H state, and Li remembers He, and Be remembers and automatically includes its former states into itself, man regards former states as primitive and superceeded rather than coextensive, or he remembers them not at all, or makes grand myths out of them. Man is like a computer, a thinking machine fueled by chemical fumes from his lower level laboratory chemical reactions; unpredictable chemical fumes activate the thinking machine every morning, where they then become electrical. Everyone takes the process to be the reverse; that the electrical thinking machine is responsible for and directs the lower chemical factory (or at least that it can and should).TK notes 282

     And this particular guy, who observes that, taking Man as beryllium, would look back upon the stage of lithium as being really just a part of himself.  That is the whole attitude of beryllium toward lithium, "It's one of my components," there is really nothing else to be said.  In this description beryllium would look back a little further upon helium and it's attitude toward helium would be as though that stage almost did not exist. Helium would be almost like a blank space in history.  When you go back even further to the fourth stage, beryllium's recollection of hydrogen would be such that it would create a whole mythological world for hydrogen.

     This one particular guy then discovers something further.  He discovers Man the laboratory now with a speaking and thinking machine, somewhat like a computer.  Everyone else seems either blatantly blind to this fact, or else everyone has known it and has forgotten it.  It fell within my little story of the elements. This one particular guy discovers something else that the thinking machine is actually fueled by chemical fumes.  There are fumes arising from a continual chemical reaction in the laboratory and these fumes fuel the thinking machine.

     Getting closer to the heart of the matter, this one guy discovers that the fumes arising from the chemical reactions in the laboratory crank up the thinking machine every morning; and he also discovers that he apparently has no control over the mixture of the chemicals from day to day.  This one particular guy discovers that under all known laboratory conditions the process of the chemical fumes running the thinking machine is a flow of energy that goes in one direction only.  Yet by now everybody else believes that the thinking machine either does, can, or should be directing the chemical reactions taking place in the laboratory.  Absolutely everybody believes it.

     This one particular guy discovers, sees it, discovers anew, and expands it every generation, that the process of the fumes cranking and then fueling the thinking machine cannot be reversed through any apparent means.

     All apparent anomalies in the thinking machine are studied by everyone else and then believed to be simply flaws in the wiring system of the electrical currents, and that any such anomalies are obviously in the thinking machine itself.  Everybody believes, individually and collectively, that any anomalies, any irrational acts, any apparent self-destructive thinking arises from the thinking machine itself...it's just obvious to them.

     This one particular guy discovers that is not true.  This one particular guy, in a sense, is always amazed at his own atomic memory, and likewise amazed at the lack of it in everybody else.  An apparently uncontrollable, unpredictable chemical mix happens each and every day, and it is not the same every day, and the fumes run this thinking machine that grew out of the laboratory.  A thinking machine that by all accounts, by all that is known to everybody else, by all that is reasonable, all that is logical, is electrical.  It is what it is.  It is itself, it is responsible for itself.  This one particular guy sees that the thing is run by fumes arising from an unpredictable chemical mixture.

     I assure you that this lab situation is both expansive and explosive.JC talk 282