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      In the City you can apparently treat things but you cannot cure anything.  "When are we going to get down to the real causes and stop dealing with the symptoms?"  Never.  Having plans, in a Revolutionary sense, would be beyond discussion, even with oneself.  Too Much talk ends up producing a minute sense of duty. Thus, many parts of Life's body believe they smell a flaw in those who are serious and vigorous proponents of some belief system.

     There is a sizable part of humanity that wants nothing to do with those who passionately evangelize or promote some position or idea, religious, political or otherwise.  "Yeah, I heard what you said when you handed me your pamphlet, and I've got no complaint with anything you said.  But there is a flaw here somewhere."  There's a flaw everywhere.  Every human, every group of humans, every institution suffers from transient systemic anomalies.  Try that!  That sounds a lot better than saying we are all flawed.  If you're human you suffer from transient systemic anomalies -- they come and they go.

     A sense of duty, is related to talk by an inverse ratio.  By "talk" I mean not only what you say to others, but also internally what you say to yourself about This Activity.  I am speaking only of quantity -- the wrong word could be too much. JC talk 312