Jan Cox Talk 0108

Words Are Energy to Go, and Barbarians, Troubadours, and Philosophers

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Jan Cox Talk 108, May 10, 1984, runtime 1:50

  Words can explain everything except themselves. Words are energy for "take out"-- energy "to go" --portable information.]
  [The word "indecision" a hold on a potential energy transfer--yet is still its own energy transfer. Indecision is a type of decision! ]
  [No one is blameless--a non participant in the grid--for just by being you and being where you are, you are an unknowing participant.]
  [Your response is always misdirected and tardy: A reaction.]
  [The "arts" mirror sub-flows in the major flows. "Jazz" and "modern art" are examples. They cannot be defined, therefore defined by negative example, i.e. "that's not jazz says the jazz critic (audience). "A continual sketching of an ever changing negative outline" = sub-flow or sub-force. Artists are editors of the Primal Flow (but so is every `I').]
  [Nothing ceases to exist. Energy forms change. Yet there seems to be a reality of things going out of existence. Why is it associated with negative occurrence?]
  [There is the allure of the new, the grip of the familiar (the dictator, the tyrant).]
  ["Habit is ordinary sanity--shackles are functional equilibrium." Shackles = duties, responsibilities, ordinary chores etc. The Major Spheres of Overlapping Influence Chart: Dreams of Self--focal points: Red Circuit = barbarian fed from base location.  Blue Circuit = troubadour; Yellow Circuit = philosopher.]
  [TASK: Dream of Self Survey:  With clipboard and pad', survey 10 people: question--"Everyone has some dream of self improvement. If you have such a desire for self improvement would it fall into which of the following categories: to be more physically attractive or strong, to command more love and respect, i.e., fame; to have greater intellectual ability, i.e., knowledge". Select people by watching primarily their head vs. torso vs.legs. try to predict which category they will choose. Consider your success or lack of same—the consistency of correlations? etc.
  TASK: Find a "Dream Tree" tell it your own answers to the survey.





Document:  108, May 10, 1984
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1984        

     This Thing has to do with the extreme development of Life which is taking place right now on this planet; in this part of the body of Life through Man, and in Man through his developing Yellow Circuit.

     The kinds of ideas I have recently asked you to Consider -- like, "What is an 'experience'?" and "What could be the purpose of words like 'although' and 'but'?" -- are not some verbal game. I am pointing to certain areas you should Neuralize about the nature of ordinary consciousness. For example, you should begin to notice how ordinary consciousness always tries to go down a Straight Line from here to there attempting to find out what caused what.  This is not an attack on the intellectual abilities of humanity.  Those abilities are necessary to build turbines, teach in college, invent, and appear on t.v.  But the Yellow Circuit at Line level is not equipped to have any awareness that, rather than moving in a straight line, things could be described verbally -- and quite correctly -- as moving circularly.

     Notice also that the Yellow Circuit, like any other ordinary system, cannot see its own point of origin.  Though the Yellow Circuit uses words to construct exemplary models of things, it cannot offer any explanation as to the origins of those words.  Words can explain everything but themselves.

     No ordinary system can describe its homeland.  Throughout history, Man's religious and mythological stories have told how the gods created the universe.  But who can say where the gods came from?  The modern equivalent to this is contemporary physic's speculations about the origin of the universe.  Where did the "Big Bang" come from?  It is almost a non-question.  

     Yet, it is possible to ignite an area of your nervous system wherein such things are not non-questions. This is never a matter of coming up with verbal answers, though.  Because once you formulate and verbalize an answer, you have fallen back into the Yellow Circuit Straight Line illusion of saying:  "This caused that."  Such an answer is no longer of any value to you; it can produce nothing extraordinary.  It is merely common knowledge of the type available to today's ordinary level of awareness.

     I periodically direct your attention to certain words and ask, "Why did this word come about?"  Neuralize the purpose of words.  What possible function, within the general scheme of human activity, could words have?  And what greater, more subtle, faster or slower purpose could they be serving in Life's body?  What could be the reality behind Man's Yellow Circuit being driven to isolate occurrences into words, putting a name on everything? 

     Don't take this as an ordinary answer, but from one viewpoint, words can be seen as energy "to go" -- just like fast food.  Words are like energy you can take-out; they are portable packages of measurable, moveable energy that can be sent along with someone else or taken along with you.  In order for Life to grow, energy must be transportable, and that is part of the purpose of words.  They are an efficient means of storing energy/information/food so that you don't have to use it immediately.  You can take the energy of words and store it in what is called memory.  You can pick up "energy to go" in the classroom, and eat it at a more convenient time.  If your best friend describes what to do when your car battery dies, you can take that food along with you and pull it out of your pocket the next time you need to jump-start a car.

     I have often warned you to remember the limitations of words.  Now I am trying to show you, in a certain sense, the other side of that.  There is a specific use for this type of energy packaging. It speeds things up.  Still, you should not forget the captivating aspect of any energy transfer which involves verbalization.  The danger is that, on the ordinary level of consciousness, words do indeed wrap things up.  Verbal energy exchanges go from here to there -- they apparently have beginnings and endings.  Such boundaries -- such limitations -- are the extent of ordinary consciousness.  You might keep in mind my old story of the mind as an electric fence, and when it is asked if it has limits, the energy runs around the entire fence and reports back:  "I see no fence."

     Another aspect to Consider regarding the nature of ordinary consciousness is the general feeling among people that progress goes hand in hand with a sense of isolation.  "Progress" parallels the development of the Yellow Circuitry and a feeling of individuality among people.  Of course, there are still areas in the body of Life where you can find people living closer to the Red Circuit.  And those people still experience a sense of tribal unity -- a kind of collective personality. But notice that in such areas of the world there is no progress in a technical sense.  Tribes (like committees) do not invent anything.  They are still operating at the level of repeating stories about gods living in trees or the dead walking among them.

     There is one particular word I want you to look at now:  "indecision".  Can you see that indecision is a form of storage?  Indecision is like putting a hold on a possible or potential transfer of energy.  I use the word "indecision" because it is commonly regarded as a non-occurrence.  But there is no such thing as a non-occurrence.  (Parenthetically, I point out to you that if there are non-occurrences, you can't see them.)  You may think of indecision as doing nothing, but nothing is "nothing".  Indecision is in some way a transfer of energy.  Indecision is a decision.

     Most of you are aware that for hundreds of years there have been philosophical debates regarding the so-called "Mind-Body Problem".  Historically, would-be thinkers have divided Man into a body and a spirit or a body and an intellect.  This has served a very particular purpose. There is a physical, chemical basis to the feeling that in some way the knee is different from the brain, because the brain can talk about the knee but the knee cannot talk about the brain.  It is obvious that the Yellow Circuit is the only part of the nervous system that can talk, but this apparent dichotomy goes beyond that.  It has to do with the continuing growth of humanity, reflected in an individual's growth.

     It is commonly believed that, as you were growing up, what happened to you mind-wise -- "psychological traumas" -- was in some way separate and more significant than the fact that you had measles or broke your leg when you were five.  All of you have been affected by the ordinarily accepted knowledge that the mind can make the body sick -- that there are people who are sick in the head.  This is considered irrefutable, a scientifically proven fact.  Psychiatrists can demonstratively, statistically, clinically "prove it".  They pinpoint some observable symptom and, when its source cannot be found in the "body", they proclaim that its cause is "psychological" -- in the "mind".

     Have any of you, on your own, come to the temporary conclusion that there is no such thing as so-called "psychosomatic illness"?  (Unless you are dealing with someone who has been decapitated.)  There is no "up here" (the mind or head) as opposed to "down here" (the body). Yet there is a very real motivation running through Man to describe and to feel himself as a splintered being.  Notice that when people talk about their maladies they say, "The problem's down here," or "I think it's all in my mind."  Part of what you should be Considering is:  Of what value is this motivation?  What could be the use of this pervasive feeling in my system that the mind is somehow separate from the body?

     On a larger scale, any debate about mind versus body is an aspect of that great old quarrel over environment versus heredity.  Does Johnny always hit his thumb with hammers because his father mistreated him, or are some people just born clumsy?  Environment is like weeds growing in heredity:  they could not survive without heredity; it's all heredity.  In that same sense -- if you can see the connection -- you might say that there is a psychology to Man.  But that so-called psychology is -- in relation to the total physical being of Man -- as environment is to heredity, if it were correctly understood. 

     Let's see if we can move in a circle and go back to where we started but finish in a different place.  Remember my question about, "What is an experience?"  All of you have noticed how at different times you can apparently experience things at a different speed, in a different time or tempo spectrum.  It is as if, on one level of the circuitry, Man reacts with a speed that is demanded by the immediacy of the situation.  Such a reaction appears to result primarily from a direct cause:  you bash your thumb with a hammer and yell, "Ouch!"  In such a situation, there is no doubt that hitting your thumb caused you to curse.

     There are other times when you react more slowly, almost as if you are removed from the situation.  Let's say you are sitting in a parked car looking out the window and another car pulls up.  The driver hollers, "Hey, buddy, what are you staring at?"  Your immediate reaction can be, "I am blameless!  I was not even looking at him."  I'm not using the word blameless in a moral sense, but you have the feeling that you are blameless -- that you were not actively participating in the scenario.

     But remember there are no non-occurrences.  There is no such thing as "blameless".  You are an unknowing participant just by being you -- just by being there. You have been transferring necessary energy since you were born.  In that sense, no one is praiseworthy, and no one is to blame.  You and whatever is going on are not separate.  It is not that anything or everything specifically was arranged to produce this particular situation of another driver yelling at you.  But it did produce this situation  -- and you are not blameless.

     There is built into the Yellow Circuit an inclination to look for the Straight Line phenomenon.  In a sense, Man has a built-in belief that this caused that, somewhere down the line.  But Remember:  Everything happens.  The body of Life is alive; everything is moving in every possible direction.  There is no one thing -- and I mean one thing in its infinite sense -- that caused that man to yell at you.  The fact that Johnny's father mistreated him did not cause him to be clumsy. Nothing in the past led in a direct line to Johnny hitting his thumb with the hammer. Everything happens.  That just seemed to have happened to Johnny.  He was equally affected by everything that did not happen to him.  And by everything that happened to everyone else.  

     Remember that by attempting to describe this verbally, I am pulling rabbits out of a hat that doesn't even exist.  So the trick is not to be surprised at the rabbits.  When you believe that you can see the cause of something, remember that you are never reacting -- even by ordinary standards -- to what is going on right now.  All reactions are delayed reactions -- to other people, to Life itself.  Even in those situations where you seem to immediately respond to a direct cause, consciousness is always running a beat behind.

     The Yellow Circuit is the last to know -- even when it is apparently an instigator.  What seems to be an immediate reaction at Line level is misdirected because it is tardy.  You are reacting to something that no longer exists.  This is not an attack on ordinary consciousness, because nothing is amiss -- you are acting as a conduit for necessary energy.  No one is blameless. There is no way out of this at Line level.  The only way out is to be, at least partially, above the Line, to ignite the higher areas of the nervous system and be conscious as people will be tomorrow.

     Another way to picture this is by visualizing the diagram of the Xross.  You can live in that crack just past where the vertical line crosses the horizontal line of what seems to be now. You can be conscious right in front of "now".  It is, in a sense, "illegal"; it is unnatural; it is almost impossible.  In the beginning, it makes you feel dizzy; it scares you to death and you don't know what to do with it.  But you can do it.  You can get right in the crack.  It is, literally, living in tomorrow.

     On an individual basis, this means that you are no longer reacting in a useless, tardy fashion to the past.  At the ordinary level of consciousness, no matter how immediately you react, you are always late.  Above Line level (or, just ahead of the vertical line on the Xross), you are no longer too late.

     I am going to give you a new diagram picturing the three circuitry systems or flows and their areas of influence.  But first, I want to talk a little more specifically about what seems to be the Blue Circuit realm.  Some of you may have noticed that I normally refer mainly to the Red and Yellow Circuits in Man, and say little about the Blue, although I have hinted that there is a reality to Man's ideas about the strength and importance of real emotion or what would amount to a true creative flow.

     Consider what is called the Arts.  They are like sub-flows within a greater flow of the Three Forces, sketching an ever changing negative outline of things.  Take as examples Jazz music and Modern Art, especially nonrepresentative or abstract art.  For those of you who aren't familiar with music, let me point out that there is no accepted definition of Jazz.  Likewise, there is no real definition of Modern Art.  No musician, no book, no authority, no committee has ever come up with a suitable definition of what Jazz is or described a sure-fire way to determine if something is Modern Art or just a piece of junk. Here is how it works:  these areas cannot be defined directly, so the definition comes into being by the audience saying what Jazz or Modern Art is not.

     A music critic might say:  "I can't describe exactly what Jazz is.  But I can tell you, that is not Jazz!"  The same thing goes on in Art criticism.  A particular musician or painter will .parise or fall on the basis of a kind of negative sketch which comes out as the audience saying, "Well, it's not that!"

     Can you conceive that there is something more significant to this phenomenon than the question of how to tell Jazz from noise and Modern Art from scribbling?  I have described for you the Three Forces, but sometime when you are observing a situation -- sensing C Force apparently "pushing" toward something, and D Force wrapping itself around, resisting C Force, and E Force present but unseen  -- it will suddenly strike you that the reality of change is not nearly that simplistic.  It is very subtle -- there are what could be described as sub-forces, sub-flows continually moving.   Change almost seems to come about through the back door. When you get where you can see that, you are moving into the realm inhabited by the likes of Merlin the Magician.  Because then you can almost trick the flows.  That is, you are moving at a different tempo -- faster than Life speed.

     One final note about artists and musicians.  It is common for them to say that they don't really paint pictures or compose music.  They say that something just seems to run through them and they attempt to put it down on paper.  Have any of you Considered that that is an unknown recognition of the Primal Flow?  It is an outright admission, without the correct understanding, that in a sense they are editing the Primal Flow.  Of course, this is not limited to artists and composers;  it is what personality is.  You could say "I" edits the Primal Flow.  

     Here is another aspect of verbal "wrap-ups" and of "experience":  Nothing ceases to exist.  Do not take this as simply a restatement of the scientific theory that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.  Look beyond such theories.  Look into what would seem to be the singular world of Man and his inventions, his institutions, his so-called psychology, his systems of social intercourse.  It is an ordinarily accepted fact that things sometimes cease to exist.

     Take for example a company that goes out of business.  It apparently ceases to exist.  But what about its ex-employees?  They still exist.  Their memories of the company still exist.  Indeed, whenever they see each other, they talk about the company.  What about their presently available energy that at one time was used up running the company?  It exists.  Or, how about when a relationship between two people "ceases to exist"?  If, indeed, there was any such thing as a "relationship", where did it go?  It's a changed form.  But notice that ordinarily people refer to something "ceasing to exist" as a negative statement.  I suggest to you that the appearance of things ceasing to exist is misnamed and mis-thought to be negative.  If you have heard any of this, Remember and Consider:  When something seems to cease to exist, where does it go? And, why is it that I feel this apparent cessation as negative?

     Has it ever occurred to any of you that, from a certain viewpoint, revolution is the name of the game?  Notice that there is widespread interest in revolution among the young, and that it is not dependent on any particular political interest.  I am not talking about politics at all.  That is Life talking about tomorrow -- for those who can Hear it.  There are always nineteen year olds somewhere marching and screaming for change.  If you ask an ordinary, older person about this, they will say, "Kids are just nuts.  Kids are crazy and left to their own devices, they'll destroy everything." 

     Take this up to a larger scale.  The United States could be said to be the fountainhead, the extreme example, of revolution.  But also notice that the United States government has considerable concern now about revolutions going on in other, younger nations.  How could a government that was founded on revolution now have extreme concern over some other group of people even talking about revolution?  A certain shift in the flow has occurred.  The United States is a good example of this, and so is the USSR. 

     On the individual level, you can see this happening within yourself.  Who can remember that, at one time, you were a revolution?  Who can feel, not pessimistically but objectively, that you are coming more and more under the grip of an absolute, bullheaded, nonartistic, closed minded tyrant and that you more and more fear other revolutions going on outside your borders?  You see a kid walking down the street with his hair cut strangely and voices in you say, "What nonsense!  That kid should get a job."

     Consider the movement and growth of Life as a wave phenomenon.  There is no direct flow of waves in a straight line.  The wave phenomenon repeats itself, going in some direction over bodies of water that are constant, and gradually changes the tempo of Life itself.  There are waves of energy called "revolutions", moving out across the water, changing into something else. What is usually referred to as tyrannical rule in a country could be described as a dramatic reaction to the wave phenomenon in that locale.

     Do any of you have any passing realization of the delicacy, to say the very least, of attempting to ignite higher areas of the nervous system?  Do you have a sense of how the ideas of This Thing must be presented in such a way that they do not produce a tyrannical backlash?  This Thing is about tomorrow, and tomorrow is a revolution -- that's why it's fun to think about and dream about.  Tomorrow holds the excitement of the new; but you are presently in the grasp of the familiar.  There is an allure to the cry of revolution, whether you are a participant or not.  But the internal dictator -- the enthroned, the entrenched, the predictable tyrant -- stands ready to enforce the rules.  Habit equals ordinary sanity.  The tyrant's shackles maintain a kind of functional equilibrium in an ordinary person.

     From one view you could say that a small miraculous change occurs every time you do anything new.  Because daily habits, the large and small responsibilities people have, keep ordinary consciousness in a secure straight-jacket   People complain that they are bored, that they are "victims of habit", caught up in an unprofitable, inescapable rat race, "the same thing day after day".  But there is a way in which that keeps them from turning into plasma.  Habit establishes a functional nucleus around which electrons flow and keep "this matter" in shape.

     It would be fair to say that habit equals ordinary consciousness.  A functional equilibrium -- a controlled operational sanity -- is maintained by habit.  People like to talk and dream about their own revolution (the creative flow is having some affect when a person simply dreams of the fresh and unfamiliar).  But as far as actually Doing It, ordinary people have only one shot.  After that, it may sound like just a situation of, "Well, I'd like to, but I have too much to lose, too many responsibilities."  The true situation is that they would literally fall apart.

     Putting your own, internal, revolution into action requires a supreme effort.  A revolution that doesn't die is an impossibility, of course.  In that sense, human life is a tyranny; to try to introduce a revolution that will last long enough to carry you through your lifetime is almost impossible. There will always be, within you, the dictatorial hold of the familiar.  Look how long you have been struggling with the "dictator".  But also notice that there is a great, great persuasion in you to support such a tyrant.  You can't excuse it; you can't suffer over it because it is not your fault -- it is a chemical reality.  Remember:  there is no one force moving in isolation.  There is no straight line to Tomorrow.  You will always be operating within the wave phenomenon.

     I am going to introduce a new map.  Keep in mind that whatever people cannot face, they assume is allegory.  Everybody hopes that all the strange and mystical books they read are allegorical, and when you first came in contact with This Thing, you certainly assumed it was allegory.

     There is a mechanical basis in your circuitry for all of your apparently serious dreams of self. The type of dreams you have literally depends on the major spheres of overlapping influence of the Red, the Blue and the Yellow Circuits.  The history of humanity could be considered as the history of interconnected growth and development, in an upward direction, of the three circuits. This historical progression is reflected in an individual human's growth pattern.  It could be said that humanity has gone through the same periods as you did, growing up.

     Attempting to outline an exact timetable of the development of the circuitry would be trying to travel the Straight Line illusion; evolution did not go from "there" to "here".  But, in terms of this map, history is divided into three periods: the age of the Barbarian, the age of the Troubadour, and the age of the Philosopher.  The Barbarian refers to an almost totally Red Circuit being. During the age of the Troubadour, Man developed what appears to be the more Blue Circuit characteristics, becoming an artist, a singer, a storyteller.  The age of the Philosopher marks the development of the Yellow Circuit.

     Everyone can find within themselves a focal point in the circuitry where their dreams of self originate.  Consider that your dreams of self come in the form of dreams of the Barbarian, the Troubadour, or the Philosopher:  The Barbarian dreams of greater strength or attractiveness; the Troubadour dreams of attaining love, respect or fame; the Philosopher wishes for superior knowledge and intellectual abilities.  And that about covers it. 

Diagram # 37

Diagram # 37

     This map outlines a human figure.  The Yellow, Blue and Red Circuit spheres of influence are indicated by lines drawn in those colors. The Yellow sphere of influence goes from the top of the head to slightly below the shoulders, where it overlaps the Blue.  The Blue goes from the top of the shoulders, right at the base of the neck, to slightly below the pelvis, where it overlaps the Red.  The Red sphere encompasses the pelvic area and goes to the bottom of the feet.  (Those interested might compare this map to my earlier drawing of the spine and the bridge point openings.)

     Consider that the Red sphere of influence is inhabited by the Barbarian; the Blue sphere by the Troubadour; the Yellow sphere by the Philosopher, and that your dreams of self originate primarily in one of these locales.  That is a fair representation of the history of humanity, and is a living reality in everyone. 

     Do not be misled by the apparent simplicity of this map.  It is not just that the Philosopher is working in the head; this is an overlapping series of three spheres of influence.  Consider that the spheres interconnect at certain points and that you can feel this when you talk and move.  If you are talking to a Barbarian, you can feel that affect in your Troubadour and Philosopher zones. Or you might be out at a nightclub, really dancing and having fun, when suddenly somebody you want to impress asks you to dance, and everything shifts.  It is as if the main sphere of influence should be the Barbarian, but the Troubadour -- that great singer of songs, dreamer of dreams and teller of tales, has cut in.  If you have any leftover impression of the Barbarian having danced a few seconds before, you know that something is not quite right.

     Observe yourself and other people.  When you are watching people, look at their feet and hips, their hands and shoulders, and then try to notice head movement.  Consider, are you observing a Barbarian, a Troubadour, or a Philosopher?  There is much more to Posture than can ever be detailed.  For example, you may have noticed that this outline of a person does not include the hands.  Hands are tricky insofar as the spheres of influence are concerned, because they can show up in any of the three major spheres.

     Neuralize this map.  It is the history of you.