Jan Cox Talk 0121

C Force Becomes a Gross Exaggeration of Itself

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 121, Aug 16, 1984, runtime1:54

  [Diffusing, disallowing energies to be run through you. Becoming a part of D-flow takes energy from This Thing.]
  [The attempt to not respond to that which we normally would--resist the transmission of that energy. It begins to starve the very connections that keep us who we are. D-aligned energies transmitter becomes starved when we resist the flow of D. ]
  [3 types of ordinary people (primary running transformers):
 1. seeking approval— positive energy;
 2. seeking disapproval—negative energy;
 3. seeking not to be disapproved of. Everyone is hardwired to attract one of these paths. It keeps everything going. Artist who does something avant-garde is denounced but when recognized and approved of, loses his passion...begins repeating himself. All of us in a way are artists --displaying teenage passions...creating our work of art: ourselves. When the resistance to the artist has decreased to the point when not a factor then passion (creativity) diminishes. Once the resistance is lost the energy production becomes formally repetitive. ]
  [When something strikes you that it fits just right--a perfect design--it seems to be aligned with the C-force. Then as time goes on it becomes a gross exaggeration of its former self. Datsun 240-Z example.]
  [Mathematical reality: mathematical miosis--patently false folk wisdom: "We take more from our friends than we give"--mathematically impossible. "It's always darkest before the dawn".]
  [Language is synonymous with the Yellow Circuit. ]
  [C can't do to D what D can to C. i.e. the devil can never be converted--not mathematically feasible. 
  [TASK: find 3 examples of an unknown proverb which is mathematically impossible.