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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 131, Nov 1, 1984, runtime 1:45

  [Psych topics/questions (cont.)] 
  |At the ordinary level can consciousness ever think of something without saying it? Is it possible? Why the need to repeat the thought--why the finality in articulation? In This Thing Life is striving to think and say the new. Neuralize how few outlets Life has for this; how little new gets said. Religion is the greatest living paradigm of man's unfinished status, i.e., words not matched by deeds. Religion doesn't work.|
  |The three forces and the"criminal mind" (a variation of aristocracy and military; mechanical hierarchy in mankind (dominant-submissive)) many historical explanations/classifications. Apparent amorality: a certain part of Life attempting a "blanket assault" to totally dominate all immediately opposing force. Life's continuing attempt at this is very localized. Only temporary--mathematically impossible to absolutely overwhelm and eradicate opposition. Yet Life continues to attempt it in localized areas. Every one has this flow through them.|
  |Imbalance and Show Biz. At a performance the entertainer, as well as the audience, comes to be entertained, receive energy. How is it that both do get satisfied? |
  |Unrecognized validity to gospel song line "God said: stand aside and I will solve your problems" and "what we weave today we will wear in eternity".|
  |Fearful sexual daydreams. If you were to act out same, you would find that the fear and guilt is the excitement of it--the heat. Neuralize what possible use on a greater scale Life is making of this. |
  |"Trying to remember" = apparent internal self running search scan. But the searcher is what it's trying to search thru/find.]
  [More questions/topics: What is a response? A continuation of an energy transfer event and can be an "unsettling silence" (even dangerous), a disruption of the energy transfer. "Turning the other cheek" for The Few is an opportunity to stop ordinary energy flow internally.|
  | Are explanations lies? A & B type acts. A = complete and satisfying; B = incomplete, requiring further explanation, insufficient and unsatisfying somehow. Neuralize that the explanation is part of the transfer. |
  | Only willful insincerity can be profitably learned from. |
  | What is fear? All fears are based on a need (esp. nonverbal) Can fears exist without Yellow Circuit knowledge of same? RED Circuit feels fear, but always leads to action while upper circuit fear always leads to talk of action. The psych fears, Yellow Circuit fears, are man's meat. |
  | What is the use to Life of increased diversification and versatility of the individual: less specificity of behavior. Neuralize which are the characteristics of the most advanced, progressive cells in your own body? Versatility personified. Homunculus. |
  | Magnetic attraction exists between people, just as at the atomic level. A physical magnetic field to transfer energy.