Jan Cox Talk 0175

Triaxial Perception Unit

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 175, Sept 19, 1985, runtime 1:36

  [The need is at hand for Group Not-I activity. Public Face. But not the upkeep of the Guru syndrome as per pseudo groups--i.e., busy work, make-do work.]
  [The "triaxial perception unit" (TPU)--one who perceives from an extraordinary perspective in 3 different ways such that no ordinary looseness of possibility exists: the looseness of personality which admits limited motion and shifting giving the illusion of freedom to change and clouding Real Understanding. The "TPU" fills up all looseness between the "good and bad" interpretation, the binary perception. Return to the "Double-I" alliance: I-it. Both required to produce any experience: "I'm mad--it made me mad". To put both together almost produces a cancellation approaching Neuralization. To include a third possibility = Neuralizing.]
  [Can ordinary consciousness think of something without saying it? Connection to "no man is a hero to his valet". How could this reflection of reality (the statement) be used by the Few? Parallel to "thinking/talk is similar to tilling the soil for a harvest of new thoughts" --with no guarantee as to what will actually come forth. Neuralize the injunction to the Group not to engage in excessive unfocussed external loose talk. Need to turn such energy to an internal freewheeling investigation. ]
  [At ~00:50, reading of Kyroot papers. ]
  [Reading of Group papers.