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Tape 209, May 22, 1986, runtime1:25

More on the "Almost Correct But Impossible" (ACBI): you are what you eat. Not everything ingested is incorporated into the organism structure. But some things can "trigger" other alterations. Peoples' hungers are very limited. ]
  [Binary world as "footprint" of a trinary heritage. The trinary as the glue for holding together the opposites of the binary. ]
  [To become an expert in any field in ordinary life is to become a pessimist. This includes spiritual fields as well. How/why is this? ]
  [Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Example of being observed by another while primping in car mirror--how it affects you. Example of "self-observation" affecting that "self" studied. Part of the masterstroke: gives the illusion of change being possible. Relation to "you do or you don't" as solution to the uncertainty principle.]
  [You should never be more familiar with other people than with yourself. Example of borrower breaking something borrowed: "Gee, I didn't expect to break it!" while everyone else knows you will.]
  [Questions from Group. How does non-life-threatening fear originate in the Red Circuit? Who says fear of social embarrassment is not life threatening? Conversation as pure energy transfer--nothing more or less. There is nothing to comprehend in conversation. 
   TASK: for newer people. Take 2 45 minute walks in a rural environment--answer the question with each internal observation of thinking process: Is thought in words, or pictures, or both?