Jan Cox Talk 0238

Cure by Inquiry

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Summary by TK

Tape 238, Dec 11, 1986, runtime 1:16

  [“Medevesgo" Cure by inquiry --an actual, scientific reality. Neuralize how you can use such internally. Must understand there is no why?,  just the Seeing of what you do. Xmas gift: the proper view of yourself is not the opposite of a non-distorted view. You can 'obsolete' yourself when you can cure by inquiry.]
  [More on perfection = acceptability= obsolescence. Need for change as the pursuit of perfection. Consider: what if you could render your ordinary self obsolete? ]
  [All have an automatic resistance to established authority. Something to Do for The Few: throw yourself into activity foreign to your normal energy transfers.]
  [Change is fearsome. Is it not interesting that all humanity's internal noise is about the need for change --but when it arrives, it is fearful. The Few must have no fear of change; be blithely and/or blitheringly unconcerned. ]
  [The many constantly enshrine their collisions in life--commemorate their unpleasant experiences, engrave them on the roadmap of their lives --this keeps them 'sane'. The Few cannot do this; nothing you've ever experienced ordinarily is worth any note. ]
  [The description of apparent individuals by what they do; you cannot separate who from what. This is constantly done by the ordinary without their realizing the significance of it. There is no is, just does.

Any situation where only 2 choices are available always means that neither is adequate, satisfying or totally explanatory. Time is based on distortion. ]
  [METHOD for The Few: Say internally "They made me do it!!" (even say externally if you can pull it off) with an air of knowing authority. ]
  [The Few in all cities should Remember each other.