Jan Cox Talk 0252

 Diary Without I

The video does not include the 51 minutes of reading the AKS ( and Kyroot Said...)( the audio does)

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #252 Mar 19, 1987 - 1:47

  [Reading of Kyroot papers to 0:50.]

  [More on explaining yourself. A real man can keep a diary without using the word "I". Remember:everyone keeps a constant running internal diary. If such diary w/o 'I' could be kept, how could it be made logically palatable? With first attempt at presentation to another the word 'I' must come into use.]

  [ Conclusions. The many seek to become their conclusions. The Few seek a continuing merger of ideas without conclusions. The Few must be able to abandon the desire to become a conclusion.]
  [Question from Group: Is it profitable to 'fake it till you make it' sexually? Or are you just fighting against your genetic makeup? This is nearly impossible for men but more possible for women. Could be used by an Extraordinary man for extraordinary change.]
  [ Ordinary love is a form of domination without overt violence, and therefore violence is never far from the surface since imbalance must exist.