Jan Cox Talk 0271

Disposable Diapers

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Summary by TK

#271 ** Jul 30, 1987 ** - 1:35

  [Kyroot reading to :09.]
  [One can only be hated by your inferiors. A true superior cannot despise his inferiors; anger can only flow from inferior position toward the superior position. Interesting to consider man's gods in light of this; they are angry and oppressive. The inferior cannot ever see the superior --an atom cannot recognize a molecule. You can only be critical, angry with what you cannot see. To feel anger is to be inferior to what you're angry at. ]
 [O.D. = Operational Directive]
 [O.D. RULE #1: Once you realize something is correct--it becomes of no consequence. To ask is such and such true is meaningless. To taste that such and such is correct requires you to use it--which then renders it moot. "Truth" is a kind of disposable Yellow Circuit diaper.]
  [O.D. Rule #2: You can assume --correctly perceive-- that anyone who can make you angry is only a fraud--a test of your understanding--placed before you, and who secretly laughs at your failure.]
  [Why would anyone who can pleasurably rearrange molecules, allow unpleasureable arrangements to persevere; to participate in them?]
  [The 'middleground' and importance. The internal populace considers things to be either important or not important, even while they are forced to occupy that no-man's land of ambiguity and ambivalence where certainty is impossible. The Real Revolutionist see that everything is of equal necessity and his seems an extreme one to those of the middleground--appears to be an untrue view. Yet it is a correct view irrespective of 'truth'. Importance or non-importance is a non-issue. The Real Revolutionist does not believe in revolution --he revolts. Belief is no substitute for action. The Real Revolutionist's ultimate dialog comes down to 4 words: "I shoot, you listen".]
  [1:21 Epilog. Reading from an ordinary publication re: one-upmanship collusion between competing adjacent businesses (turned out to be brothers).