Jan Cox Talk 0284


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Diagram # 129 photo  Note: (Real Revolutionary Recruits) in the Fringes on left of drawing

Diagram # 129 photo

Note: (Real Revolutionary Recruits) in the Fringes on left of drawing


Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #284 ** Oct 8, 1987 ** 1:53

  [Kyroot reading to :05. ]
  [Diagram of The State containing the People, intermediate Institutions, surrounded by the City, 'fringes' and Bushes [three intersecting circles: small top one labeled `Ruling Powers', small middle one `Institutions', larger lower one labeled `People'.  These are inscribed within a larger circle labeled City and all are subsumed by a largest circle labeled State; the area between State and City circles is labeled "fringes"; "bushes" is lettered along the periphery of the State circle]. 
  [The diagram is true externally as well as internally. The 'fringes' is where would-be Real Revolutionist's or new recruits lurk about; it is a no-man's land between the city and the bushes. Institutions are apparently for the good of the People--for their civilization and cultural advancement, but the Real Revolutionist knows them to be merely in support of the status quo, i.e., D-related activities. The Real Revolutionist sees everything in 3's, which includes Time; everything is seen as either useful or useless. ]
  [To ordinary perception E-force always seems to be out of time synch; it is like the unmoving background in modern 'cheap' cartoons, which sets off the activities of the primary binary actors. The Few must make such a background synch to C and D time; must 'drag in E'. ]
  [So-called mystical states of completion/perfection are zones of thermal equilibrium: equally heated, informed, balanced and energized. However, the common man must be in disequilibrium--ie., in evolution. Even the Real Revolutionist is drawn continuously back into disequilibrium and will drift into a dreamworld if he never joins the actual struggle against disequilibrium. The Few must feed all areas of their State with non-binary, balanced info--info that won't migrate to the true/false poles. The Few have got to seek out conflict, pressure--fight and become bloodied. They have only one sec. to act; to "pull a knife on bad news".]
  [If the Revolution is perceived by the ordinary to be thoughtful, reasonable, kind etc. it is effete. It must be uncomfortable and threatening; produce Fear and therefore respect. It must produce opposition or be stillborn. (And yet: what is more unpredictable than the effect of new data on the People?). ]
  [The Revolution has got to be cost effective or it's doomed. The use of resources must be conserved, particularly your own energy. C and D energy cannot run the Revolution. E energy must be used; to ignore it is to waste it. ]
  [1:39 UFN's]
  [1:45 Epilog on Group size increase, with example of "rethinking": Make J. famous. There is no doubt you have the ability and resources, but The Few have got to have the need and passion to expand.