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Waste Not, Want Not

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#290 Oct 29, 1987 - 1:48

  [J.'s "notebook" readings to :15.]
  [Another description of what This is about: the striving for efficiency; the "Efficiency System". Mystical states as a kind of enhanced simplicity: super-efficiency. In the City there is much apparent waste. Waste is really a byproduct of 3-D processes, not actually waste. The Real Revolutionist sees this waste as inefficient use of resources and energy. The Real Revolutionist must always utilize every inch of space; should be "single minded" --almost addicted-- to efficiency, as well as meaningless hobbies.]
  [As a corollary to "in the City they play everyone's song": in the City, everybody has heard it all before. New Data must meet 3 criteria: never was; is not now; can never be. New Info has no real value if it seems valid, explanatory in any sense. The Real Revolutionist must update his info/map every day or he will fall another 24hrs behind; one cannot tarry on newly-won ground. If new insight lasts past the initial flash--it is meaningless, useless to the Real Revolutionist. This Thing as Life's own attempt to produce revolution/excitement in itself; to provide a feel/view of itself; to make quantum growth leaps vs. the usual mere talk of revolution.]
  [What purpose does "you cannot serve God and man at the same time" or "a man cannot serve two masters" serve as conventional wisdom? Life holds out an apparent alternative of serving God, but man can only function thru his 5 senses--which is the domain of man. Man cannot ignore the hunger of the 5 senses and has no alternative. Only the Real Revolutionist has an alternative. The saying: "it is not necessary for men to do evil—it's only necessary for good men to do nothing" along with "you're either for me or against me" is an implicit acknowledgement of the reality of E-force; it is the unconscious realization that what is apparently irrelevant will not be so in time. Therefore the sayings above are an immediate forcing/stabilization of E into C or D.]
  [Boredom. The salutary effect of doing the New and irrelevant. Discussion has no profitable part in this for the Real Revolutionist. There are only two questions in connection with this: will I do it? or will I not do it? Discussion always arises out of one who has the not-do answer. Discussion will go on forever. The Real Revolutionist should always ask himself: what have I done For me lately?]
  [Love: to say you love somebody is an admission that they pleasurably ignite your biochemistry. It is a process in you--not some vague "love force" external agent. All are familiar with love at "first sight"--but consider: what a bonafide love relationship was not at first sight--instantaneous chemical flow. This Thing as a form of love at first sight.]
  [Do not let your older, lower parts sabotage you. No matter your great progress at Yellow Circuit level when you can slip back and be ruined in an instant by Red Circuit hungers.]
  [Kyroot reading 1:38 to 1:48



Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1987
Document:  290,  October 29, 1987

       Here is another description for you to Consider concerning This Activity:  above all things, a Real Revolutionist must strive for efficiency.  Much of this efficiency would be invisible, that is, internal efficiency.  But I am also talking about external efficiency.  Some of it would be quite mundane.  If I were going to put together some apparently codified system in which to present This Activity, I could call it the Efficiency System.  This efficiency covers many areas that ordinary Line-level consciousness has not previously perceived, or connected to the matter of efficiency.

     Some of the areas I am going to point toward are invisible and seem to be of a more intellectual, philosophical or spiritual nature, whereas some are not.  But they are all important.  One of the areas concerns the potential significance in attempting to be efficient in what would appear to be quite mundane, everyday affairs.  All of what has been referred to as mystical states, states of heightened awareness or super states of consciousness can be seen as a condition of enhanced simplicity.  I could take some of the better known historical fictional examples and say that Buddha was Indianly super-efficient or that Moses was extremely Jewishly efficient.  A Real Revolutionist would be extremely efficient in whatever he did.

     This does not mean that there is no possibility that someone, while being efficient, might step in a hole or turn an ankle; after all Life does it.  I am not pointing out this matter of efficiency to induce ordinary guilt in you.  It is not that someone attempting to do This would never "drop the ball."  But it is a reflection of one thing on the ordinary level and it is something else again when you get into the Bushes, that is, outside ordinary 3-D confines.  Ordinary people feel guilty.  They can feel guilty and say "I am fat and ugly.  I am no good."  It is all an admission that, "I am inefficient."  A Revolutionary efficiency would be wherein you would make the absolute greatest possible use of all resources and energies.  That is, to use all that you have available to you.

     Back in the City, at Line level existence, there is much "waste."  Note that "waste" is in quotation marks.  It is not "waste" because of stupidity or a flaw in Life's evolution.  It is not a manifestation of Life falling apart or of everything running downhill.  But from a revolutionary viewpoint one description of the City, your City, everyone's City, could be "Wasteville."  Remember the quotation marks.

     This waste is a byproduct.  It is a byproduct of 3-D change.  It is a byproduct of orderly, gradual change.  There is no way in which you can take the ordinary workings of the bureaucracy of government, of corporations, of religious institutions, of you at the ordinary level and make them more efficient.  Out in life, certain parts of Life's body are continually crying out, "Things are not efficient.  We are wasting resources and energy."  But things are operating as efficiently as they can.  Everything is running at tempo and on schedule.  When trains are late, they are on schedule.  When the government spends two million dollars on a survey on how to allocate funds on a program that's only going to cost a half million, things are just right.  If you holler out, "Waste, waste, waste," you don't understand what's going on.  From a privileged viewpoint, a viewpoint with time being a constant partner, what appears to be waste is not.  The government, religions, your family, the business for which you work are all operating at the necessary level of efficiency.  If you could artificially, or unnaturally infuse any such organizations with new energy that would radically make them more efficient, they would explode.  They would fall apart.  It would be like putting the fuel used in dragsters into a two cubic inch lawn mower engine:  You wouldn't want to be around when they cranked that sucker up.

     Things are operating as efficiently as they can, as efficiently as they must.  They are operating at the level that keeps things in the City orderly and predictable.  It also gives the sensation that there is a continuity to everything.  There seems to be gradual improvement, but you cannot have drastic improvement because that would bring about drastic efficiency which would break everything up.  If I could in some way make you instantly efficient it would break you up.  This cannot actually happen.  It's ACBI (Apparently Correct But Impossible).  But if I could do it, it would harm you.

     To truly become more efficient, you must have some understanding of it and you must do it yourself.  Some of this efficiency I am talking about is real teeny-weeny little bitty things.  How's this for teeny-weeny?  If you were to go out and take a survey of garbage thrown out in garbage bags, you would almost without exception, find them filled with little boxes.  They would be empty boxes, left in their natural condition, that is as they came from the store.  Now in the stock room business, there is a process known as "breaking down boxes."  Real efficiency would be braking down all the boxes in your garbage.  It would be taking an empty box and smashing it flat and tearing it up into two or three pieces so that you were left with a small stack of sheets of cardboard.  The emptiness of the boxes would no longer be in the garbage bag.  You would have released the resources of the emptiness of the box back into the universe.

     Almost everyone takes their empty boxes and they simply throw them in the trash.  Therefore, when they take out the garbage bag, about half of it is unliberated emptiness, unliberated resources and energy.  In a Revolutionary garbage bag there would be almost no emptiness left; it would be all garbage.  Within the physical limitations of the bag, all the available space would be occupied with garbage.  Now, what if we are not simply talking about garbage.  I want you to understand that I am also talking about garbage up here in your brain.  It is not just an allegory.  A Real Revolutionist would cram as much into every available space as possible.  If he doesn't, he is inefficient.  If he doesn't he is back in the City.  He or she is the common man all over again.  If you aren't going to fill up every available space, whether garbage bags, or something else, you are attempting to fuel your revolution with very questionable energy.

     In another approach to efficiency, Revolutionary existence can be described, from a certain view, as being single-minded.  There can appear to be a single-mindedness in some area, almost an idee fixe.  Although it would traverse any stable time and any particular constant area, the Real Revolutionist could appear to be either "loose as a goose," or, "tight as a tick."  It would be a Revolutionary addiction to habits that were meaningless.  They have to be meaningless.  That is, meaningless to you.  If they are meaningful, then you were born with them.  If they are meaningful to you, they are relevant and that means they are useless.

     I want to remind you that, in the City, they play everyone's song.  I have something for you to Consider.  In the City, they have heard it all before.  Here's a little story to illustrate this.  It is about gods and anti gods getting into a gamble.  You could look at them as being C force and D force.  You could look at it as being addicted to City life as opposed to the desire to become a Revolutionist.  These two forces or possibilities fall into a game of chance and they use as markers the fortunes of souls yet unborn.  And the bad guy begins to get ahead, he realizes that he has better things to do than keep up with all of this so he sends one of his minions into the womb, into the genetic code of mankind and this minion tells them everything, absolutely everything, so that later if there was any chance of a revolution brewing in their City, and someone began to talk in a way that skated on the edge of significance, everyone could say quite truthfully, "I've heard all that before."  In the City, they've heard it all before.

     In the City, if information is too drastic, the people won't hear it.  Or if they hear it, it is not taken as having any value.  As long as it is too drastic no one will hear it or else it will be discounted.  Living in the City is to have heard it all before.  Now Consider that I am not simply talking about the external world.  I'm talking about something else.  The people in you, have they not heard it all before?

     The City does not believe it is a bunch of yokels and rubes.  You cannot walk into your City and say, "Hey, I have some astounding info," and then give them the information that is astounding to your Revolutionary spirit and expect them to say, "Wow, that is astounding."  All they can say, at best, is, "Well, yeah, that's a good idea, but you don't have to keep bringing it up.  We all know that.  You don't have to keep taking the obvious and beat us over the head with it.  Move onto something else.  Tell me something of real importance."

     I want to point out something about new data.  In the Revolutionary sense, for it to be really new, fresh data it must meet three criteria.  The three criteria for real, new, Revolutionary information are these:  that it never was, it is not now, and it can never be.  If the new information will fit within any of those three possibilities, then the information is now true and stable and it is of no value.  That is a three dimensional fact.  Information is not new or useful or Revolutionary if from the 3-D view of the City it ever was, could now, or ever will be.  And this is not only on an individual basis.  If some astounding information suddenly strikes you so that you say, "Hey it's like a flashback of things I read and dreamed about that they were doing in ancient Tibet," you blew it.  The information is of no value.  If it seems to have any validity, if it seems to have the ability to prove the past, validate the present or to safely predict what's coming up, then you have nothing.  If you can do that then it's become stable.  It has now become constant and as far as you should be concerned, the people, that is, your people have adopted it and it has become a truism in the City.  It has become a fact.  It has become lifeless.

     In a quite real sense, a would-be Revolutionist faces the Real Duty as though it were brand new, each and every day.  And if he doesn't truly update this kind of secret map that he is working on by then every twenty four hours he gets another day behind.  You must update the map continually.  You cannot tarry on newly won ground.  Once you have apparently won some new land, once you understand something new, if you stop there, you are at least twenty four hours behind.  If you stop there, the people start standing around and congratulating one another.  They'll say, "Let's take a few days off and enjoy the fruits of our conquest."  You will have stopped redefining the map.  Everyone wants to stop and pat themselves on the back at their great advances.  But every time you do that, you fall behind.

     The worst scenario is that when you tarry too long in one place you begin to grow into it.  You begin to rot.  You begin to die in the soil of that one spot.  Anything that you know, stinks.  For anything to be truly new and astounding, you have less than a split second to See and Understand it.  If you stop and let your people celebrate over it, you're losing it.  If anything lasts past the initial flash, it's meaningless.  If you stop on newly won ground, you let it become meaningful in a 3-D sense and that is meaningless to This.  Any great cosmic truth or any minor cosmic truth or a corollary of a great cosmic truth that you See and Understand, if it lasts past the initial flash of discovery, it becomes meaningless.  And yet, that is the very thing that back in the City, the people want to run up banners for.  They want to sew up a flag and write a book and declare a holiday.  But you've only got a second to Understand it.  Past that forget about there being anything Real going on.  It was true for that flash, but then it has fallen into "it now is."  "It is" falls into one of the three criteria I gave you.  It becomes true.  After that first second, it is no longer True; it is no longer Correct.  You may try to continue to use it and believe that you are operating on the basis of having a new or superior insight but you aren't.  You cannot set up camp on your new found territory.  You have to move on.

     Life produces This kind of Activity within itself as an attempt to undergo a rebellion in order to make quantum leaps in its growth.  Now this has a reflection out in life.  A contemporary example of this is the Russian or Chinese revolutions.  In the Russian revolution, there was the idea that the proper state and best government was one in which the people operate as if there was a constant revolution, that is the revolution was ongoing and continual.  But out in life it isn't possible for that to happen.  In China, Life tried it and things almost fell apart.  But notice how Life works.  Ordinary people would say, "Well, this is proof of humanity's shortcomings," but it is simply Life at work.

     The greatest living manifestation of this kind of external revolution is in contemporary Russia.  They continue to talk about continual revolution.  "Revolution, revolution, that's the only way to grow."  And yet they are probably the most conservative, status quo minded, regressive group of people on the planet today.  Notice that no revolution is really going on, but as long as they simply talk about it, it's alright.  Here again is the internal division of the way Life talks and the way Life works.

     There is a saying in the City that "you cannot serve man and god."  Different religions, metaphysical systems and even schools of philosophical thought have voiced this idea in a variety of ways.  It is the idea that you cannot serve two masters.  This message has been voiced throughout man's history.  So I ask you, what use is being made of this in Life's body?  What is going on that this idea comes out in man's beliefs and behavior?

     One translation of this idea that "you cannot serve man and god" is that by following man, you are following the hungers of the five senses.  And the inference is that serving man is the lesser choice, the negative one.  But what is the other possibility?  What is the possibility beyond the hunger of the five senses?  What can you feed beyond that?  Ordinary people would say, "The other possibility is that I'm going to feed my soul."  But, of course, they can't even find the sucker.  But what is the alternative?  Everything you do, everything you think of to do, anything you can do is going to be feeding one of the five senses.  And yet, it is built into the genetic structure of mankind that there is an alternative.  It is built into humanity to believe that there is a choice between following carnal, fleshy hungers or this superior thing.  What is this superior thing?  What is it?  If it is not going to be feeding one or more of the five senses then what is the alternative?

     In the City, the people have only the five senses available to them.  If there is an alternative it is going to be out in the Bushes.  And for it to be of any value out in the Bushes, it has to meet the criteria of "it never was, it is not now and it never will be."

     Here's a corollary to the idea of, "you cannot serve god and man" or "you can't serve two masters."  This is a distinct version of the same thing: "If you're not for us, you're against us."  And a variation of that one is:  "it's not necessary that men do evil.  All that is necessary is for good men to do nothing."  What these are a reflection of, is that there is a distinct suspicion in the body of humanity, of E's existence.  This idea continues to pop up throughout history, from Life into men's minds and mouths.  It is the idea that, "Things aren't as simple as just black and white or this and that and those of you not involved with this struggle, if you're not for us, you're against us.  If you're not helping with the solutions, you are part of the problem."  It is a suspicion that E may exist.  It is the notion that what may apparently be disinterested or irrelevant may actually play some specific role.  In the City, the ordinary intellect always has to turn it back into a binary situation.  One example is the situation in which two neighboring kingdoms are about to stage war and the adjoining, disinterested kingdoms cannot stay impartial.  They may say they are and they may try to, but they are going to be confronted with, "Alright, who are you for?"  The opposing forces are going to demand to know, "Who are you for, me or my opponent?"  And they may respond, "This is your squabble.  It's your war and I'm not interested in it."  But the warring parties have to respond.  "That won't wash.  That won't do because if you're not for me you're against me."  The disinterested party, the E force has been turned into a potential C or D.

     Life is letting man get a flashing glimpse of "what seems to be irrelevant, isn't."  In the City, they don't know what to call it.  They certainly don't call it E stuff.  They may agree up to a certain point that it is irrelevant but, "Somewhere down the line this uninvolved neighbor or kingdom might cease to be irrelevant or impartial.  So we have to line up our ducks now.  We have to know where they are going to stand."  In the City, they take that which from one viewpoint could be a quick glimpse or suspicion, i.e., that the apparently irrelevant might be otherwise and they snatch it and force it into becoming relevant.  "All right, don't tell me that you're not going to answer who you're for.  In that case I'm going to put you down as against me.  That settles it."

     How about more on boredom and related matters.  I have pointed out that one way to approach feelings of boredom in the Bushes is to do something new, or to overdo something old, which is the same thing.  Many of you have experienced this, and then it became newly won ground and you stay there and forget it.  It's as though someone was getting a piece of mail everyday and everyday they can't believe the mail runs.  Or someone getting up everyday and being amazed at the sun rising everyday.  They get up and they're amazed again.  There are peripheral effects and benefits to doing something new.  Many of you, again, have experienced the validity of doing something new, but then it's gone.  You lose the recognition and the ability to remember the peripheral effects of doing something new.

     For instance, what if I gave someone the "excursion" of learning how to swim.  This person did not know how to swim and so I told them they had to go off and learn.  All of you have had some sort of "excursion" like this to do.  Or if I hadn't given you one, you should have found one for yourself.  You should have the ability to do something irrelevant, to become almost single minded in an irrelevant fashion about something.  But what happens is you go and do it and you forget to notice all the peripheral things that happen with this new activity.  Or you do notice it at first, but then it becomes newly won ground and you think you've earned something and then it begins to rot and you forget it.

     It is things such as this:  let us say that you're down at the pool several nights a week.  You've fallen into the habit of spending so many nights a week down there doing your laps, taking a shower, washing all the chlorine out of your hair.  But after all this, after fulfilling this directive I gave you to "go learn to swim" you start stopping in at this little restaurant around the corner.  And it's a place you never noticed before or you've never been in that neighborhood before you started swimming over there.  And you start stopping in this new place and perhaps you get to know the person behind the counter or some of the regulars there.  Can you see that other things happen besides you learning to swim?  If you believe that that is all there is to me telling you to go do something, I've been wasting my time on you.  You've been wasting your time on yourself.  You're common, common, common.

     Everyone stands on newly won ground.  You want to talk about doing something new.  You will discuss doing something new forever.  You say to yourself, "I've been thinking about taking up skydiving."  And what comes next?  "Well, let's discuss it."  You start to stand around and discuss with others and you stand around and discuss it with yourself.  There is only one question when it comes to doing something new.  It's one question that on the 3-D level appears to be two but it is only one question.  "Will I do it or will I not do it?"  That is it.  But the people in the City and the people in you will talk forever about orderly, progressive, controlled change, that is, about reform.  They and you want to discuss, "The degree to which I should do it."  Or, "Will I do it correctly or as well as someone else could do it?"  Will you do it or will you not do it?  That is it.  .paOnly people who are not going to do it will entertain questions of degree and try to qualify it and talk it into oblivion.

     Anyone who believes that there is any reason or purpose to being cautious or thinking through doing something new is wasting his time.  It doesn't matter how long you've been involved in This Activity.  It doesn't matter to what great degree you feel you have expanded your nervous system from the hold of your genes.  That is yesterday's news.  The Real Revolutionist would have one question for himself everyday:  "Yeah, but what have I done for me lately!"  And by lately I mean right after the y in lately.  Any longer than that and it's gone, it's over, it's dead.  It doesn't matter what it is.  If you have to stop and think about doing something new you are back in the battle.  You can't stop and wonder, "Well, what does it have to do with This Activity?"  If you do, you have forgotten something you once Understood.  You now no longer understand it.  Anything you do of a Revolutionary nature is never easily identifiable or predictable.  If it were, it would fall under the criteria of being useless.  It always has another kind of potential to it.

     Here's something that everyone has some interest in:  love in the ordinary sense.  Let me point out something about what is called love between two people.  When you say that you love somebody you are simply indicating that this other person ignites a chemical pleasure in you.  The other person pleasurably ignites a chemical change in one or more of your senses.  Poets have always wanted to write and sing that, "I love you better than I love myself," as being the height of sensual love in the City.  But can you see that they can't even add two and two?  You cannot love someone better than you love yourself.  What is going on is that you enjoy the chemical processes they stir up in you better than any of the ones that happen to you naturally.  The chemical changes are in you.  There is no such thing as love floating around out there.  It is not that you were lacking in something and someone handed you some love.  Your lab is operating in a certain mode, a prevailing chemical pattern and you come in contact with another organism and there is a transfer of energy.  And the transfer creates a pleasurable change in your lab.  That is love.  Out in the Bushes, there should be only one true love song.  It would be something like this:  "I am overjoyed at the molecular rearrangements you cause in me."  That is the title of the song, and the first, second, and third verse and the chorus.

     Since, I'm in the area of love I'll mention something else.  Everyone knows what first love is, that is, love at first sight.  It is a common belief that this kind of instantaneous love exists.  Let me ask you this.  Is there love of any kind if it is not immediate love at first sight?  Just on the very mundane physical level in your own life, has there ever been a relationship that would really qualify as love that you did not feel pleasure the first time you laid eyes on that person?

     Let's jump off at a right angle beyond the area of sensual love.  What about someone having an interest in This Activity.  Could this have any relationship to the fact that you can't be converted or talked into this kind of Revolutionary Interest.  Plus, it puts a monkey wrench into the idea of there being anything postnatally.

     Let me say something to all you recruits; to all of you who think you are interested in This Activity.  If you knew how to be ashamed, you should be ashamed for ever letting your lower parts, your older parts, the people in your City, lead you around; to let your sexual organs, your sexual drives, your need for affection lead you instead of your commitment.  You should be Ashamed with a capital A for letting anything -- hunger; a desire for a drink; a desire to take a nap lead you instead of your Revolutionary Aim.  Those of you who have actually gained some ground; you may not be the same that you were when I first met you; you may have been born to do This, and yet you can, in a split second, let your older, lower parts lead you.  You should feel what it is to be truly Ashamed.  This is not an attack on sex.  It is not a moral question about sex or drinking or sleeping.  It is not an attack on the five senses.  I have not instructed you all to torture yourselves or to have a wardrobe of hair shirts.  But there are times when even those of you who have made some progress in This can turn right around and let anger, sex, greed or tiredness override your commitment to This.  And what makes it worse is that you don't even see it.

     There is no excuse.  There is no possible justification.  You may have been born to this; you may feel and claim that This is your whole life and in a split second you can let your "good old everyday in the City" hormones, the normal chemical reactions going on in everyone's internal laboratory, lead you somewhere other than the direction of This.  And you give no notice to it.  No one gives any of this any thought except for the fact that I have given a few rules about, there can be no display of hostility or casual sex among you.  And it's not because there is anything wrong with sex.  It is for the benefit of the group.  It cannot withstand that kind of energy running loose.  It would tear the group apart.  But by and large, you all take these as simply being conditions and demands that are fairly reasonable -- except every now and then -- for a split second.  If you think that a split second won't kill you, just remember that it has been the split seconds that have kept you going up to now.  It is those blinding moments that are there for a split second and then they are gone.  And it is split seconds that can be the end of you.  It is the split seconds that will kill you.