Jan Cox Talk 0291

Only the pushy are free

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Summary by TK

#291 Nov 2, 1987 - 1:55 Only the pushy are free

 [ Kyroot reading to :07.]
  [Why are there so many apparent contradictions in Life? Is it due to imperfect data only? Consider: what if Life has yet to make a decision in the matter; or the decision has been made but man, lacking a time-sight perception, caught in a time disruption, being "a dimension short and a day late" simply cannot perceive it. The Few must have a curiosity that covers the topography of Life's Body like a temple rubbing; learn by 'feel'. The Few should have curiosity re: such questions of contradiction in Life's Body. A saying of conventional wisdom serves to reveal what these contradictions and conflicts are: "the best fools are a little wise". Contrast is required for the optimum issue from 3-D events. Contrast is required for perception. This Thing is the contrast par excellence to ordinary life--it is an enhanced 3-D view of Life's Body. Remember: the ordinary are a dimension short and therefore a day late; if they could learn from their mistakes--they would never die!! No learning from mistakes is possible when the order is wrong, i.e., the mistake comes first. Every skill and knowledge you have ever obtained came from the City: it is piecemeal. In the City everything lives in the face of everything else, thus no remove --no contrast-- is possible for extraordinary knowledge. The only knowledge in the City is immediate, close, or impractically far away. Men can only study their neighbor's nose or the stars. The Few use skills beyond the 5 senses to gain knowledge.]
  [Why do sayings like: "reason is the enemy of faith," or "thought is the foe of feeling" arise? Contrast again: old vs. new; chemical vs. electrical in the nervous system. There is a tacit ban in the City against full disclosure, on absolute knowledge. This can be seen today where everyone must become a 'specialist' in his field. The Real Revolutionist could be considered as a 4-D generalist.]
  [If you could get away from the City to properly consider it, what would you then see that men actually want? What problems do they want solved? Forget "meaning of life" stuff; if you could see it, men are unconcerned with broken religious promises --they are now irrelevant. What man wants would fit into four categories: knowledge, hope, relief, entertainment. (or is there another?). Would any kind of analysis you could mount answer the question? ]
  ["Only the pushy are free". The nature of things is push or be pushed. The Few must look out for their own interest. To be pushed is not to be efficient. The Few must create their own kind of "superconductivity" --a kind of controlled aggression, a single-minded channeling of the emotions for self protection; a utilization of the passion of the lower circuits for purposes ordinarily condemned. The Few should be doing the things that pleasure their revolutionary "I" --get the right sleep, eat, drink etc.]
  [Love. An unanalyzed dual relationship exists between people in the City who are in 'love'. The relationship/feeling of the partner in their actual presence vs. the feel of the memory-based thinking of them. One can be positive while the other is negative, like two separate relationships--in conflict. This is unprofitable for The Few.