Jan Cox Talk 0296

City Truth is Weighted Contrast

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Summary by TK
#296 * Nov 19, 1987 * - 1:32

  [Kyroot reading to :09. ]
  [The "Charlie and Umberto" story to :14. 
  [The idea of a "soul"--a spark of divinity --and such ideas of "sin" etc. are true ...in the City --but only for those who believe in them. Every/anything is true for those who believe in it, but this says nothing about whether it exists or not. "Man can have no knowledge beyond his experience" is patently false since knowing is an experience. Also, the injunction to frame no theory/hypothesis not based on personal experience/observation --but what is not personal experience/observation? The Real Revolutionist can concoct any theory to operate with more effectively than any extant one whatever. Nobody knows anything but what another has told them --but nothing is important except what each tells themselves (although it is always attributed to another). Thus nobody in the City really observes anything --only the Real Revolutionist knows this, knows it was true of him as well until he found the bushes. Real Revolutionist motto: if it works—use it!! --the tricky part is: what is thus used will work! ]
  [Only the Real Revolutionist knows that the specifics/content of contrast are unimportant whereas the form only is significant--conflict, contrast. "The vessel is irreplaceable, the cargo is interchangeable". The Real Revolutionist is one for whom the irrelevant and meaningful are the same. Is one who has the knowledge of one book any more advanced than one with no knowledge? Remember: one sample demands contrast, comparison. Is there 'imaginary' conflict? Conflict is conflict. Imagination allows conflict; sets the stage. Example of the critic's absolute need for samples of comparison in their critique. Only the Real Revolutionist could critique w/o reference to contrasting samples. He must implement that having no natural, internal model to himself; that not-having previous experience. That which has no contrast = new data. The more conflict, the more efficiency. ]
  [Don't give up your dream. ]
  [All should daily thank Life for its gifts to you...or wholeheartedly curse it for its injustice!