JanCox Talk 0305

Evil, Aggression and the Tango Palace

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #305 * Dec 21, 1987 * - 1:56

  [Kyroot to :10. ]
  [The difficulty of words for J.: you already know what the words mean and this precludes what he wants them to mean. So, more on the words: "dominance", "submission" and "evil". Everyone from philosophers to Bowery bums are wired to believe/speak of "evil" as an absolute reality; intrinsic, malum per se. What evil actually is: the unexpected, undesigned, uninvited exercise (or threat thereof) of Domination of a party who is presently unwilling (unprepared) to submit. An expanded definition: evil is a misdiagnosis, miscalculation, misfire or miscue of Life itself and which it quickly terminates. Domination/submission is a sort of: inhalation/exhalation; excitement/boredom; true/false (what is 'true' is temporarily leading/dominant, deciding in the dance). "Aggression" as related to the 3 forces: dominating/submissive/uninvolved (non-partisan) and all are ad hoc. The dance of the forces changes not by mere swapping of places by the current dominant-submissive pair --it changes by an act of aggression/dominance by a formerly non-partisan bystander who cuts into the dance. An untimely aggression: evil. Thus the face of evil continually shifts as the complexion of the dance changes. The goal of aggression is domination and the goal of domination is the continuance of the dance process. Without aggression there is no king; no dominant figure (no I). Yet note: most kings become in time mere figureheads, disinterested after the thrill of battle/victory, whose state affairs are increasingly run by minions, bureaucrats, flunkies who must humor and entertain him with inane projects. Consider the application of this internally. The king has the responsibility of protection of his subjects from external threats and of settling internal petty squabbles of dominance/submission priorities among the People. The People, the submissive have the responsibility of constantly overtly proving by external expression, their submission; pay homage to the dominant figure. If they don't, stability is threatened. Religion is the ultimate expression of man's molecular need to be submissive; it is a ritualistic expression of homage to the ultimate dominant figure--God. ]
  [Man's marking out, defining of territory. At Red Circuit level it separates I from not-I; at Blue Circuit level, categorization of kinship. At Yellow Circuit level, separation into a hierarchy of pack position (sociostratigraphy). Collecting things is a form of territorial marking and this extends to the internal collections of opinions, beliefs etc. Such internal collections define "you". "Women's lib" is viewed in the City as a "cultural" process, man made problem to be cured therefore by men. But the Real Revolutionist sees it is really molecular expression of the dominant/submissive dynamic; another classic example of a misidentified foe --which keeps the dance hopping.


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