Jan Cox Talk 0308

Ultimate Evil = Denial

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #308 ** Dec 31, 1987 ** - 1:49

  [Kyroot to :11. ]
  [Update of "ultimate evil" = denial: the knowing withdrawal of even ordinary basic consciousness of what you're doing; a kind of non-alcoholic inebriation of consciousness; a denial of responsibility. Question: how much of Yellow Circuit activity (thought) is used up to explain/excuse Blue Circuit misdeeds? Also, how much of Yellow Circuit activity (words) is used up in justification of those same previous thoughts? I.e., how much is said to cover up what is thought (not to/for others, but to yourself)? Never cease Revolutionary planning simply because the intended action is rendered moot or unreasonable, or impossibly obstructed. This is a willful activity, planning, thinking-of-action for Revolutionary goals. All ordinary plans are nothing more than jockeying for position in the pack; up-scaling in the hierarchy—i.e., caring what others think/feel about you. The great Revolutionary teaching aids: deception and misdirection. The proper use of misdirection always transcends reason because reason is always linear. Consider what value misdirection could have in your own internal instruction; going beyond reason. ]
  [As long as your consciousness is based only on contrast, there can be no agreement, accord, 4-D serenity. Re:"differences", there are none! (written on board: "and that is not some form of 'ha-ha'").]
  [Curing, overcoming reasons = action; do it. This is the ultimate physical form of misdirection. Action is better than non-action in the cure of reasons. ]
  [The model of dominant/submissive dance as explanation of everything is absolutely contrary to ordinary hardwired tendency. Consider that even the fanatically domineering have the greatest need for submission. Guilt is the ever-present possibility of an internal dominating force available.  Everyone feels guilty, i.e., has the need to submit to a dominant figure. There are no reasons for guilt; it is a natural state of the dominant/submissive dance, arranged so as to be possible even when you are solo. Guilt is a stabilizing force. ]
  [1:49 epilog. End 1:51