Jan Cox Talk 0310

The Notion of Perfection

Audio = Stream from the bars below in two parts.  The first 13 minutes of the audio stream contains  Kyroots that are not on the video.

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #310 Jan 9, 1988 - 1:25
  [Kyroot reading to :13. ]
  [The notion of "perfection" --no human is perfect by any definition; each has at least the equivalent of the injection point in the mold of a plastic toy. If you have some physical flaw--e.g., a game leg--you cannot keep picking at it. This is true of all arising "psychological" variants from it. With such as a game leg you have two choices: limp and forget it; fake it, walk upright and smile. That's it. Both are extraordinary --require new molecular makeup. The molecules that were made conscious of the flaw can't forget it; the new ones are absolutely unaware of the flaw. There must be a willful denial of the effect of the game leg on consciousness --not a mechanical denial, which is in effect an acknowledgement --a 'picking-at'--it. New molecules have no knowledge of the flaw. The Real Revolutionist has got to be steeled to a preference for death over a life of social status maneuvering, i.e., City life. No planning is possible to do This Thing; no 'strategy' works. "Appearance is the refuge of the gutless". Attempting to "better oneself" is the extreme refuge for scoundrels. ]
  [Group members must respect other members --cannot mistreat or speak ill of each other. Such conduct is disgraceful. An appropriate disgraceful end for a failed Real Revolutionist one with internal knowledge of failure to do one's duty--: Be killed; be thrown out; commit suicide. These are the only possible relief from 'disgrace'. ]
  [Possessions = status artifacts (if not useful). There is a cellular-level understanding in humanity that possessions are meaningless;that they are mere assistance in the hierarchy scale: status symbols. How to be "free of possessions": make yourself more useful and beautiful than your possessions.