Jan Cox Talk 0313

Unsecured Borders

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #313 ** Jan 18, 1988 ** - 1:34 

  [Kyroot reading to :11. ]
  [The dominant/submissive dynamic: submission occurs even by your fascination with articles on the rich and famous. Tyrants want to submit worse than ordinary people. This Thing can be seen as Life teaching a few people to submit to domination as little as possible. But note in the process that you must first submit to J. ]
  [Man the State with notoriously unsecured borders. Borders = extent of I; the recognition of I borders by Not-I neighbors; ability to defend same. Man as a cell in Life‘s Body unable to keep borders impenetrable; having no certain knowledge of exact location of boundary lines; and no real way to defend same (from invasive behavior of others) if such knowledge were certain. At the cellular level the only purpose is to find energy and expand it. This is the purpose of Life itself. If it were otherwise, if the cells had knowledge of certain borders and were thus limited in what they could appropriate/use, all would collapse. Thus all man's activity is in reaction to the reality of unsecured borders. There are apparently two modi of consciousness with voices corresponding to them: external and internal. The external voice is 'events' and the internal voice is cellular which seems to talk to you directly. Yet it is not the external voice that speaks to you at all; it is your internal cellular voice --your feelings, your reaction --about the supposed external event that speaks to you. This is another Masterstroke of Life: it is a fact, literally, physically, that the cellular voice is all that counts, but this cannot be seen at the 3-d level although it is always taken to be the case in the form of aphorism and psychological truism ("it's not what happens to you, but the way you feel about what happens that's important") i.e., external dictum/wisdom not a basis for everyday action. External events = almost a movie although with a terrific public relations department. ]
  [A Real Revolutionist should always be conscious of the slogan/reality "the world is big enough for everybody/everything". This is a scientific, inevitable, always evident fact which when properly understood means nobody can then bother you. The cellular level has an absolute knowledge of this and constantly acts in accord with it. The Real Revolutionist has got to cooperate with this cellular action: extract energy from absolutely everything; render his borders absolutely permeable by abandoning all insistence on secure borders, releasing all attempts to resist. ]
  [Change and the definitively formulated dream as inaccessible, unrealizable. The cellular level can only consider as valid change what is a shift to a non-present condition; shift away from a present condition. But swapping of ends of the same thing (i.e., reform) is no such shift. Thus there is no real feeling of change; the reformer is puzzled by a feeling of "it isn't enough" when his behavior has apparently changed to opposite direction. ]
  [1:34 Epilog. Excursion/task: to be added to the "Code of Conduct" for the "Look" method: look around every time you walk into a new room (change environments). 
  [1:40 end.