Jan Cox Talk 0315.5

Paradigm 5

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk 315.5  ( Paradigm 5 ) - Feb 9, 1988 * 1:59
  [In the City nobody takes things personally, seriously, or they would DO something about it. All automatic, mechanical reactions are not truly personal. Consider the use of: "as I've always said" --why is everyone so anxious to appear consistent? This is a cellular need, a fetal position which makes the cells visible to themselves. The "Char d'lees" principle: any organism will attempt to reassert balance when set into disequilibrium. The first line of defense in the City is the DENIAL OF NEW INFO. Neuralizing is a reality of action. It is an attempted counteraction to ordinary thought; non sequential. It is the active courting of other possibilities. If granted a 'wish', the Real Revolutionist wouldn't be very dramatic; would amount to almost nothing. The 'wish' of the ordinary would be for serious, deep change.
  [Questions: how to produce new energy from old connections? You must see that most energy is used to deny new info; to resist change. The organism is constructed this way.
  [Nothing is "more than that"--there is nothing behind appearances
  [How to treat others who seem to be 'out there': require no change of them (no 'should' or 'can' change); try a lot of shutting up and smiling
  [Isn't some suffering required for growth? Not ordinary suffering --rather the discomfort of upsetting your old self, ordinary habits. 
  [All problems are tied to impotent treatments
  [The 3 forces are like the wind --one process despite apparent different directions. E force is the source for growth possibilities. E force as your PERCEPTION of what is happening!