Jan Cox Talk 0331

Dance Card

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #331 ** Apr 7, 1988 ** - 1:28 

  [Something to be added to the 'look around' method: the Real Revolutionist has got to have his own agenda. The creeping feeling of impotence when a Real Revolutionist begins to see more but is unable to effect change is an intensifying of ordinary such feeling. But a Real Revolutionist has got his own 'dance card'. Everybody else has to dance with whoever presents themselves; it is an uncontrollable tendency/urge to dance when asked. And everyone thinks the dance can't change unless your partner changes. People want to be pushed around, as it supports the illusion that they HAVE a dance card. This is why they join religions and want to dance backward --be dominated. The Real Revolutionist dances to his own dance card regardless of partner; the Real Revolutionist dictates the dance and brooks no discussion/complaint about it. He behaves according to his own agenda; he understands that there is nothing to be done except what he does. This is the reality behind the attraction of living up to a code of conduct. There is an allure to a 'secret agenda' which attracts the ordinary to religions, army life, masonry etc. Only the Real Revolutionist has a Real secret agenda. To see that everybody is absolutely wired to their dance, no complaint is possible; behavior is unalterably changed toward others. Life has its own agenda and YOU dance to ITS tune. Do not stare --think about --what you're doing in accordance with your own agenda. The Real Revolutionist knows that the only way to change the 
dance is to change himself. ]
  [More on the topology of 'goods vs. services' --connected to nouns and verbs. Only men can make verbs --Life provides the nouns (goods), man must provide the services. Here is the '1-2 punch': man has the freewill feeling while forced to labor at the assembly-line in the factory. Builds the car, then has 'problems' coming up with the money to buy the product in the showroom. Man transforms Life-given nouns via his verb/services into other more complex nouns. Consider the internal application: Yellow Circuit and memory, conversation; words required in the transformation of nouns to more nouns. There is a verbiage between the goods. Men dream of their payoff in goods, not services. ]
  [end 1:28