Jan Cox Talk 0333

Why The Word "But" ?

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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk #333 * Apr 14, 1988 * - 1:31 

  [Kyroot reading to :14.]
  [How can Life even make a false step? How be inconsistent? It makes up the rules and calls the shots. The reality behind comfort is HABIT. The ordinary can't see this because they are limited to the 5 sense channels. Humanity would be in a terrible fix if it weren't for "DOWNHILL". Without physical downhill everybody would be continually wet from water that wouldn't stay in place. Genetically, downhill is the reality of the smaller units of an organism dying off while the overall organism is growing, thriving. The Real Revolutionist is one who fights against this genetic knowledge of decay; he fights the reality of all men passing on to be replaced by new men; he struggles not to die prematurely as life dictates that the ordinary must so die. Thus the Real Revolutionist takes nothing personally. ]
  [The partnership arrangement (PS): one of the partners must have everything explained to it, even if it has to do the explaining. Compare not telling yourself what you're going to do. If a truck were to drive over your foot, consciousness must remain at the locus of the event until something gets said, to wit: "That SOB ran over MY FOOT!!!!" For anything to be known it must be spoken by the partnership. Those who talk literally live longer than the non-verbal. Lifespan of primitive non-verbal tribes is about 30 years compared to modern man's 70+. Yet the Real Revolutionist knows he must talk less; is less inclined to talk. The only ones who talk internally are the ones who don't know anything --who must have everything explained. ]
  [Consider: why is the word “but” needed? In the partnership arrangement nothing can be explained without the word “but”. It is the ever-present, low-level trapdoor god; the pressure relief valve of explanation/adjustment to the inevitable. Struggle = “but”. Comparison = “but”. Finite vs. infinite is possible via 'but'. ]
  [The ordinary people slave but don't know it. Some on the fringes suspect it, must suffer over it, but don't know why and are thus driven mad by it. Only the Real Revolutionist knows the truth of it, the why of it and what to do about it]
  [end 1:31